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A dermatologist tells us which skin conditions are harmless and which ones we may have to worry about.
In a time when politicians deem it necessary to tax beauty as a form of sin, it might be time to redefine the role that beauty plays in our lives. For health care professionals, especially dermatologists, a huge chunk of beauty is ...
What role should your skin type really play in your skincare picks? We take you from confusion to solution.
While there really is no danger in buying skincare products over the counter—they all come in “safe” concentrations for home use—it makes a huge difference to know your skin type and apply the right products that address your skin concerns.Many of us ...
Results take effect in a matter of days and only last a couple months, so you'd better be rich enough to keep it up.
Botox, the wrinkle-smoothing neurotoxin millions count on to look younger than their years, celebrated a birthday of its own last month: the big 15. Since the injectable’s inception, we’ve reported on its myriad uses, tracked the evolution of its aesthetic, and debunked ...
Going under the knife may no longer be necessary with the latest developments in botulinum toxins, fillers, and lasers at the forefront of anti-aging.
Remember those days you could easily tell when someone got Botox because her (frozen) face yielded the same look whether she laughed, cried, or smiled? That’s all changed as the technology behind Botox has improved greatly in the last decade. “Botulinum toxins ...
The field of dermatology is highly misunderstood, rues Anna.
There are times when what happens just outside the frame is almost as interesting as the photograph itself. That Anna’s radiant beauty shines across webpage and the next few scrolls downward is undeniable, but how she manages to keep a serene front ...
Defying gravity has a steep price.
As an aesthetic dermatologist, I have all sorts of conversations with all sorts of people. Women (and men) come in with specific demands all in the quest of perfection and youth. There’s a deluge of products and procedures out there that claim ...