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The increasing number of mental illness cases in the Philippines is alarming.
Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are on the rise. Just last year, a record number of 3.29 million people in the Philippines were said to be living with depression.Statistics also show that 300 million people are battling the condition worldwide—that’s an ...
By sharing his story of survival, he hopes to impart the message that those who are suffering from mental illness are not alone.
The stigma relating to mental illness prevents millions of people around the world from speaking out and seeking treatment. And even though the awareness of mental health is slowly improving in the country, there’s still much to be done.One way of continuing ...
A love letter to the woman who's seen me at my worst.
I used to see my mother as a nagging enemy who kept me from having fun. It wasn’t unusual to catch us arguing. She always reminded me about the dangers of the world, and I opposed her news-influenced logic with an emotional ...
Should you allow your children to watch the Netflix hit?
As a novel, Thirteen Reasons Why comes off as a chilling read—a page-turner that keeps you riveted partly because of the gripping narratives by high schooler Hannah Baker and partly because it touches on the socially relevant topic of teenage suicide.Suicide notes ...