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You can now witness the magic of David Medalla's "Cloud Canyons No. 31" at BDO Corporate Center, Ortigas.
It's not every day you get to stumble upon legendary artwork in a corporate building, especially when that piece was created by a world-renowned Filipino artist. Last Saturday, August 31, the BDO Corporate Center gave a certain bubble machine a new home. ...
He was a child prodigy, who translated Shakespeare to Tagalog at eight and studied at Columbia University at 12.
Some may say stitching is a lost art in our selfie-obsessed digital culture, a medium that once brought mother and child together through the simple act of threading a needle.For Manila-born artist David Medalla, there is an immeasurable beauty in such an ...
In his six-decade career, David Medalla has dazzled his peers on the international art stage and influenced countless young bright stars.
Over the past 60 years, David Medalla—widely recognized as the most important living Filipino visual artist on the international stage—has blazed a path that few have dared to follow, creating work of such diversity, depth, and range that makes it difficult to ...