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Two future Swedish queens check out their family jewels.
Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle had a very royal girl's day out this week.On Tuesday, Victoria and her six-year-old daughter visited the family treasury—essentially the royal version of shopping in your own closet. Photos of the pair checking out the Swedish regalia ...
The thieves managed to escape the authorities via a motorboat and are still on the run.
Priceless crown jewels belonging to Sweden's royal family have been snatched by thieves who escaped on a motorboat and are now on the run. Two crowns and an orb were taken from a cathedral in Strangnas, west of Stockholm, at around lunchtime ...
Here's what we think she'll wear as she walks down the aisle.
Perhaps even more so than her dress, the tiara Meghan Markle wears on her wedding day (if she chooses to wear one at all) will make a statement about not only her style, but also her position within the royal family.Here are a few tiaras we'd ...
A new documentary reveals how the priceless gems were protected from the Nazis.
Under the threat of German invasion during World War II, Britain's Crown Jewels were hidden in a most unassuming place: a biscuit tin, buried 60 feet below Windsor Castle.The new documentary The Coronation, which features rare footage of the Queen speaking about the ...
These crowns have the most fascinating stories.
The time has come to stop everything and acquaint yourself with the British Royal Family's veritable army of tiaras: a group of jewels that are so precious you can't put a price tag on them, and so old they were around before ...