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After seeing the world, this genuine "super-hyphenate" has settled down and built a family.
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...These are the magical words that first waken young minds to an idea of a world outside their own.  Perhaps it’s the exaggeration of distance that ignites the imagination or maybe it is ...
A look inside the grand, seven-story pre-war mansion then and now.
At the center of the Palacio de Memoria—a grand, seven-story pre-war mansion currently being restored and renovated by sisters Camille Lhuillier and Angelique Lhuillier—hangs a chandelier of pristine Murano glass. Sunlight pours in from the main ballroom’s windows, dancing in the explosion ...
Awit at Laro bridges generations by giving a twist to traditional songs and games.
When Bambi Mañosa Tanjutco turned one year old, her parents threw her a pink party.“Everyone had to come in pink. My Dad had tablecloths made, as well as paper flower cutouts, handmade pink parasols,” she says, her eyes twinkling. “He curated everything. ...
Akiko, now a wife and mother of three, is grateful for her many blessings.
Some of Akiko Thomson Guevara’s earliest childhood memories involve climbing trees in the backyard of their family home in Paco, Manila.“We all had so much energy,” Akiko says of her siblings, Julia and Josh, and herself. “I was a tomboy, definitely not ...
"I'm under no illusion that I have the monopoly on great ideas," he says.
Everybody loves Raymond. I can say this with confidence because I have come to realize it’s not a matter of opinion; it’s pretty much empirical.Thirty years young, Raymond Ang is already shaping his generation’s narrative through an impressive body of work and ...
The founder of Bellas Artes Project believes in the growing potential of Manila's art scene.
It’s difficult not to be a little jealous of Jam Acuzar.Intelligent, beautiful, and down-to-earth, this agreeable young lady confidently exudes style and polish in the way that only the well-educated and well-meaning can. Not to mention, she was recently named one of ...
The CEO of Evident Communications, an integrated marketing and public relations agency, talks about philanthropy and the bright future of digital technology and social media.
It has taken nothing short of a miracle to pin down Cecile Dominguez–Yujuico. It’s not because she chooses to be evasive, but the simple truth is that Cecile has been busy.Running a growing business, overseeing a foundation, and building a new social media ...
The Sunnies Studios co-founder talks about her successful brand's retail approach in the ever-changing digital age.
To Bea Soriano-Dee's 272,000 Instagram followers who patiently await her intermittent posts and to the hundreds of thousands more who follow Sunnies Studios and all of its affiliates, Bea is still very much the “It” girl she was labeled a decade ago. Despite her ...
Introducing our list of this year's Bright Young Things, who are defining their generation’s trajectory.
Community, connectivity, and collaboration.These are the words that we have heard over and over again from this year’s DownTown&Country set. A group of knowledgeable elite, these four meritocrats are chic and cool, politically informed and socially inclusive. They don’t just walk the ...
The whole nation has proudly watched Lea Salonga blossom from a little girl into an enduring global phenomenon.
Once upon a time, forty years ago during the age of disco, Maria Lea Carmen Imutan Salonga was a little girl who loved to sing. “Lea was always singing at home. Singing and singing, always singing. She wanted to be on stage,” says ...
The charming cabinet secretary is currently the darling of the media and the rest of the nation.
The rain is pouring in torrents. It’s a bleak Saturday afternoon, and after an extremely hectic work week, it is clear Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat would much rather be in bed. But she had committed to attending the launch of ikotMNL ...
This month's cover girl talks about juggling several businesses while running a household with four boys.
Happy—it’s more than her name. It's also the emotion she wants every restaurant patron to experience through her food. True enough, customers step out of her dining establishments with satisfied stomachs and smiles on their faces.“As long as the people who eat ...