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Why are there so many? And why are the same people always in them?
Imagine a world like the inside of a snow globe, where a dusting of impossibly pristine white snow is always falling, layer after layer, never turning into sad, grey-colored slush. There are wreaths, strings of lights, and stockings literally everywhere you turn. ...
It was only logical for her to worry about his welfare during the Cold War.
There was a lot to be worried about in 1961. Cold War tensions continued to escalate—and one young girl, well aware of the geopolitical conflict, had some very practical concerns about how it might endanger one of her favorite people.That person was Santa ...
From Her Majesty's inaugural Christmas address in 1952 to Meghan Markle's first holiday appearance as a member of the royal family.
The House of Windsor sure knows how to celebrate the holidays. In addition to the royals' annual engagements (the Queen's televised address and the whole family's attendance at Christmas Day services in Sandringham), they still manage to make time for classic Christmas ...
She looked stunning on her way into St Mary Magdalene's with the rest of the royal family.
Honoring a decades-old tradition, Meghan Markle joined Prince Harry and his family for Christmas Day church services in Sandringham this morning. The Duchess marked her first official holiday as a royal by walking to St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham along with the Cambridges, ...
The festive outing is an annual tradition.
The Queen is nothing if not a stickler for tradition, and this morning, the members of her family took their annual Christmas walk to attend church services at St. Mary Magdelene in Sandringham. See all the photos of the festive outing here.Kate ...
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As is tradition, Queen Elizabeth II addressed her people this afternoon, sharing her annual Christmas message.In the speech, the British monarch reflected on the royal family's busy year, recognizing the weddings of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie and Jack ...
"Some I adore, others I like, and a few I don’t really need—but what matters most is that I was remembered by the people I love."
My Truly Rich Sister is very obsessive about folding paper, so the detritus of Christmas (the mess of wrappers, ribbons, and sticky tape) has been cleared away and the only thing that remains is the bounty of stuff.I’ve only surveyed my stash ...
The style of the season has changed a lot through the decades.
There's just something about Christmas. Maybe it's the nostalgia it inspires, maybe it's the sounds of classic holiday tunes from decades long past, but something about the season just feels timeless. It's almost easy to forget that the look of Christmas has ...
What archaeologists have discovered isn’t the sweet story you'd expect about St. Nick.
Archaeologists uncovered an intact temple and burial grounds beneath St. Nicholas church in the province of Antalya, part of the Demre district where the saint is said to have been born. But the question remains: Is this really Santa Claus’ tomb? While ...
Get a sneak peek of her Christmas tree here.
Pippa Middleton is clearly ready for Christmas. She recently posed for a holiday-themed photoshoot for Waitrose Magazine, where she serves as a monthly fitness columnist.The picture, which photographer Mark Harrison shared on Instagram Thursday, shows Middleton, presumably at home and casually sitting on the ...
Follow this guide from Waze if you don't want to get stuck in traffic during the holidays.
With the sad state of transportation in the Philippines, it goes without saying that the Christmas season is one of the most stressful times to be on the road. As families leave for holiday trips or reunions in their respective provinces, it ...
You won't believe what a difference a fir branch and holiday ribbon can make.
In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we've rounded up sophisticated table setting ideas to inspire your holiday dinner table.A little origami napkin-work can add an instant dose of holiday cheer (even if you left decorating the table until the last minute.)BUY NOW Classic Napkins, ...