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Christine and Gabriel Chiu hosted a blow-out party by bringing Chinatown to Beverly Hills
The charming European-inspired Two Rodeo shopping district in the heart of Beverly Hills—home to Lanvin, Tiffany & Co., Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and others—underwent a major one-night transformation for an incredibly over-the-top Chinese New Year celebration hosted by Christine and Dr. Gabriel Chiu.Realizing ...
They say you shouldn’t wear black or white on Chinese New Year. Are you familiar with such taboos?
Chinese New Year or Spring Festival falls on the 5th of February, marking the start of the Year of the Pig. Unlike the New Year that we celebrate every 1st of January, there’s no set date for Chinese New Year as the ...
The story of Binondo is the story of the Chinese-Filipino.
Today, Binondo is famous as the world’s oldest Chinatown: a slice of China outside the mainland. The Binondo area, from the streets of Escolta and Divisoria to the bustle of Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz all the way to Ongpin—and the many who ...
C.C. Coo is descended from Chinese forebears, but she is also so much more.
I consider myself a multi-racial butterfly, a mysterious mix of peoples and cultures that are also, by the way, Truly Rich. But most definitely I am of Chinese descent and most certainly my life is colored by Chinese culture and customs.I bring ...
Fabulous dishes to order to welcome the Year of the Pig.
With Chinese New Year just days away, reservations at the city’s best Chinese restaurants are just about impossible to secure. We recommend celebrating the Year of the Pig in the comfort of your own home with these authentic and delicious dishes that ...
Lucky salad and a fabulous menu at China Blue by Jereme Leung at the Conrad Manila.
It was at Nyonya, a Malaysian restaurant in New York’s Chinatown, about 10 years ago that I first tried Yee Sang, a raw fish salad served to celebrate the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. My friend Melissa had invited me ...
Where to dine, what to eat, and what to wear to attract good luck in the Chinese New Year.
1. Discover the joys of playing mahjong.Historically, the board game was used in the 1920s and '30s as a means for Chinese Americans and Americans to bond. The game has been building communities since then. Learn how to interpret the characters on ...