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P100 for 5 and Love Food Give Food are projects of global organization Action Against Hunger.
Each time we sit down to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s easy to forget that not everybody is as lucky. Hunger and malnutrition is a real problem in many countries across the planet. Here in the Philippines, an estimated 2.3 million ...
Boutwood seeks to collaborate with fellow culinary nomads in the dining industry and his first dinner is in partnership with Old Manila's chef de cuisine.
What happens when some of the best culinary minds in the world come together to collaborate? In the eyes of Josh Boutwood, the notable chef behind two of Manila’s most progressive dining establishments, Helm and Savage, and the central figure behind The ...
Tom Cunanan, Margarita Manzke, and Sheldon Simeon were each nominated in three different categories.
It’s time yet again to cheer for Filipino ingenuity as the prestigious James Beard Foundation recognizes three Filipino-American chefs for their talent. Tom Cunanan, Margarita Lorenzana Manzke, and Sheldon Simeon were each listed as semifinalists in advance of the 29th annual James ...
Meet the chefs behind the excellent dishes at some of the city's top hotels.
It’s no secret that Manila’s most prominent hotels are home to some of the best restaurants in Manila. To get to know the names and faces behind all those fabulous meals, here’s a list of some of the best hotel chefs in ...
The rigors of kitchenwork require something easy.
Josh Boutwood, the young chef that has Manila's tastemakers buzzing, is, at the moment, very busy with Helm, his ultra-exclusive ten-seater restaurant that serves, among other wonders, blue crab tarts and chocolate-durian desserts. “It's really an exciting time and also taking a lot ...