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The historical theater was ravaged by a fire that swept through the CCP complex.
Updated as of 1:10 P.M., October 4, 2019In the quiet hours past midnight on Tuesday, October 1, a fire that began in Star City razed through areas of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, including the Aliw Theater which served as ...
Since its inception in 1972, only 73 individuals have been conferred this highest honor.
Fernando Amorsolo was the first Philippine National Artist in 1972 and since then only 73 talented individuals have been given this honor. It is the highest recognition given to Filipino artists (film, visual arts, dance, etc). In order to be considered for ...
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The world of opera can be quite intimidating but going to the theater might not be as daunting if it's about a story every Filipino knows by heart. Don't miss your chance to catch Noli Me Tangere, The Opera, which is set ...
It's another massive art installation by Biboy Royong.
In the summer of 2017, a 50-foot "dead whale" with tons of plastic in its mouth was seen along the shores of Naic, Cavite. It was an art installation by Biboy Royong, but it's not too far from reality since the project was inspired by ...
Nineteen years ago, they met for the first time behind the scenes of a musical production.
In 1999, Ayen Munji produced the lavish musical Rama at Sita, a show that to this day is still talked about among Manila’s theater enthusiasts as one of the country’s most stunning original productions. With a book written by Roy Iglesias and ...
Will You Still Love Me: Festival of Arts and Ideas runs until September 16.
"When my mask shatters / and you see how broken I really am, / will you still love me?" penned the late Julia Buencamino in a poem before she died from suicide on July 7, 2015. Her parents, celebrated artists Shamaine and ...
Accomplished ballet dancer Joseph Phillips on reprising the role of Siegfried in the Tchaikovsky classic, settling into the country, and developing an app for fellow dancers.
Christened the “Golden Boy of Ballet” for all the awards and recognitions he’s collected throughout his dancing career, Joseph Phillips has spent the last six months settling into his new home—Manila. Frequently associated with Russia’s Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, Phillips ...
The family of the late Cesar Legaspi celebrates his 100th birthday with an exhibit at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
When people talk about National Artist Cesar Legaspi, they tend to mention that the he was colorblind. But in truth, the master painter only had trouble seeing the colors red and green. Interestingly enough, those two colors dominate the palette of his ...