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The quickest way to evoke the holidays? The scent of pine and other delicious things.
There's no better way of ringing in the holiday season than by filling your home with the scents of the evergreen, spice, and your favorite wintery treats. These festive picks add plenty of cheer so you can put off decorating for another few days ...
With a giant candle that's going to be on everyone's wishlist.
"The most wonderful time of the year" is upon us, and while we're certainly looking forward to all of the holiday parties, feasts, and spending time with our families, we're also excited about one of our favorite seasonal traditions: the debut of ...
We trace the origins of this tradition.
All over the country on All Saints' Day, cemeteries come aglow with the soft, warm flames of thousands of candles. It is a welcoming and beautiful sight.The tradition of lighting candles for religious reasons dates back thousands of years before the existence ...
You're going to want to act fast.
If you're a Diptyque devotee, you've probably already dabbled in the brand's bestsellers, like Baies and Figuier—but now might the time to consider branching out. The luxury French perfumer is adding two new city candles—Paris and Hong Kong—to its wildly popular destination-themed collection.Starting 9/27, the candles ...
Nothing sets the mood for anything like the perfect room fragrance.
Once a week, we ask our editors to share their thoughts on items they love.Consider "Editors' Picks" your T&C approved wish list for beauty, travel, fashion, and everything in between.Scents are always a good pick-me-up whenever I’m frazzled or stressed. I love ...
The limited edition candles are intoxicating.
Brace yourselves, Diptyque freaks: the cult-favorite French perfumer has just released its 2018 Valentine's Day collection, and well, we're already placing bets on how soon the limited edition items are going to sell out. (We've been told that stores and online retailers ...
A scent, when paired properly with a complementing flavor, may have the ability to enhance its taste.
Scientists believe the way food or drink tastes is affected by its aroma as well as the scents that surround it.Sensory scientist at the University of California Hildegarde Heymann explained to Al Jazeera that “much of what we perceive about food is ...
The quickest way to evoke the holidays? The scent of pine and other delicious things.
Pine. Cinnamon. Mandarin. The options are endless this season.Bath & Body Works Fireside Three-Wick Candle, $24.13 (P1,232.68)Notes: Smoked Cedar, Clove Buds, EmbersNEST Holiday Classic Candle, $40 (P2,043.40)Notes: Pomegranate, Pine, Cloves, AmberDiptyque Épices et Délices Candle, $70 (P3,575.95)Notes: Gingerbread, Honey, Star AniseJo Malone ...