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A new book alleges that the legendary crooner was having an affair with JFK's sister.
The story behind Sinatra’s dismissal from the Kennedy inner circle, the accepted narrative, had it that the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover met with the attorney general not long before the president’s Palm Springs getaway and warned him to separate his brother from ...
JFK's relatives are sharing rare vintage photos and video to inspire people to get to the polls.
Only a handful of Kennedys are still directly involved in the family business, but in the lead up to the midterm election, many of JFK's relatives are using their social media platforms to get out the vote in the U.S.For example, journalist and ...
She posted the rare vintage photo on her Instagram account.
This week, Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Ethel and Robert F. Kennedy, posted a vintage photo of her father on Instagram, along with a poignant quote by her uncle, President John F. Kennedy, about the ocean."We are tied to the ocean. And ...