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From California to New Hampshire, the top 10 schools are all on the West and East Coasts.
Phillips Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts, beat out more than 3,000 other schools to be ranked the best private high school in America for the third consecutive year.In order to rank the top private secondary schools across the country, Niche, a company that ...
The author shares some of the most important lessons she has learned from going to prep school in the United States.
As comfortable and as safe as home always is, it is great to experience living away from it. You learn to immerse yourself in an environment where everyone learns to live independently without their parents around. This helps you learn the importance ...
Cast in his brother's formidable shadow, Jack pulled Cs and graduated 65th in his class. But the seeds of his greatness can be found in his years at Choate.
John F. Kennedy sat in chapel a sinner, but not for the kind of offense we would one day associate with him. This was long before he met Jacqueline Bouvier and made at least half of the population melt in seeming perpetuity. ...
For these Filipino teens, the opportunity to study at the best prep schools on the U.S. East Coast came with a tradeoff—they’d be away from their families for most of the year.
Margarita Isabel Villalon BinamiraSt. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, has a picturesque campus spread out over 2,000 acres of land. No wonder Isabel, who enjoyed photography as a hobby, felt an instant connection when she went on a school tour. “I ...