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From gran tourers to ultra-luxury SUVs, these are the models that suit the different kinds of gentleman.
Different men have different passions, different fields of interest. But practically all of them appreciate luxury cars. Here, we match some of this year's latest models to each kind of T&C man.A post shared by BMW (@bmw) on Jul 3, 2018 at 8:00am PDTThere ...
These fabulous rides give a whole new meaning to the mommy mobile.
When this mom's city home has a mini farm in the backyard and her daughter, aptly named Amaranth, eats only organic, fair-trade food, of course her practical mode of transport is at least hybrid. The Prius is the guilt-free vehicle of the ...
Because we're all kids at heart.
We had some house guests visiting from California over the Easter holiday. August, the 10-year-old, had just one request: He wanted to see some exotic supercars.I thought I would take him to some showrooms, but realized it was like spotting creatures in a contained ...
BMW moves with the times—and growing families—with the 2 Series Gran Tourer.
Long-time fans of BMW could hardly believe it when in 2014, the German carmaker did what many thought it would never do: release a front-wheel drive car. Despite the purists’ concerns, the front-engined, front wheel drive 2 Series Active Tourer was a ...
Every aspect and detail of the new 5 Series is designed to meet both driver needs and passenger comfort with a blend of luxury, high technology, and refined sportiness.
For over a century, Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works has been proving to the world that car manufacturing is one of the purest forms of art, pushing not only creativity and ingenuity but also human daring. While not everyone may ...
One of the country's biggest conglomerates enters the luxury car business amid government plans to raise vehicle taxes
San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is putting up a new affiliate that will serve as the official distributor and importer of BMW cars in the country, the conglomerate said in a disclosure filed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Tuesday, July 18.San Miguel ...
Now on its sixth generation, BMW’s new 7 Series raises the stakes once again when it comes to luxury and comfort.
As the mind-blowing, nostalgia-inducing first season of the Netflix series Stranger Things ended last year, I found that there was only one thing about it that really bothered me. As a longtime BMW fanatic who did grow up in the 1980s, I ...