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The series returns to Netflix on June 5.
The much-awaited return of Black Mirror is fast approaching. And after dropping the trailer last week, Netflix has released three more trailers from the upcoming episodes."Smithereens," the first episode in the season, stars Andrew Scott, Damson, Idris, and Topher Grace; "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too" ...
There are over a trillion "unique permutations" possible, but only five endings available.
Back in the 1980s, technology was only beginning to enter our homes—mostly in the form of home computers and video game consoles, whose power was only beginning to be apparent to the common user.No wonder, then, that it was a time for ...
Welcome to the future.
While many of us believe that the future to be bright, and that the best yet to come, Black Mirror tells a different story.The Netflix television series is a bleak one, presenting us with the worst case scenarios of our technology-driven society. But what's ...