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These classic pieces are some of the most coveted from the brand.
Hermès has been known for a number of iconic products since it was established in 1837. While the maison’s handbags have taken center stage in recent years, Hermès actually got its start by crafting harnesses and saddles. Aside from craftsmanship, this heritage ...
Your closet goals are one step closer to becoming a reality.
If you’ve ever experienced buyer’s remorse after making a particularly pricey handbag purchase, we feel your pain. And so does Rebag, an online retailer-turned-brick-and-mortar that buys and sells über high-end handbags, like vintage Chanels and rare Birkins.The company is so sympathetic to the ...
AKA: Justification for splurging on those Gucci loafers.
Playing the stock market can be lucrative, but for those with sartorial tendencies, it can also be boring. In an age when investing in speculative indexes is all the rage and confidence in cryptocurrency is catapulting, buying rare, limited edition, vintage and ...
It's been proven that a Birkin is a better investment than shares of the stock market.
While you may already know that the Hermès Birkin bag was named after the French style icon Jane Birkin and that waiting lists to buy the pricey purses can be years long, there is much more to these handbags than meets the eye.All Birkins ...
Singaporean social media influencer Jamie Chua has more than 200 Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags in her walk-in closet.
Meet Jamie Chua.Apart from being one of Singapore’s richest entrepreneurs, Jamie is best known worldwide as the woman with one of the largest collections of Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags.She is said to own more than 200 Hermès bags; she had to ...
It was sold for more than P18,000,000.
An Hermes Birkin bag has broken the world record for the most money ever paid for a handbag at auction, with a $380,000 winning bid at the Hong Kong event. The record was previously held by a different Birkin bag, for which ...
Male models stepped out of the Hermès spring-summer 2017 runway sporting 40 or 50 size versions of the iconic bag.
Ladies, if you think it’s hard getting your hands on that must-have Hermès Birkin, well, you’ve got even more competition now. In recent seasons, the French luxury house’s much lusted after bag has seen a surge in popularity among men, especially the ...
It's getting more and more valuable.
The Hermès Birkin handbag is the most exclusive purse in the world—and if you can somehow get your hands on one, it turns out it's not a bad way to spend your money. A new study finds that purchasing a Birkin bag ...