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Don't know where to start when shopping at Real Food? Bea Lhuillier, Katrina Mañosa, Honey Almedral, and Nicole Fandiño make your decisions easier with their list of top picks.
Real Food has become the city’s premier health food emporium for fresh produce and grocery items. This modern-day green-grocer is the brainchild of Nicole Fandiño, whose constant search for an easier way to shop for healthier food options for her family led ...
The healthy neighborhood grocery was born out of its founders' desire to feed their families better and smarter.
A deeply personal venture that extends beyond ambition and business models, Real Food, the healthy neighborhood grocer founded by Nicole Fandiño, Honey Almendral, Bea Lhuillier, and Katrina Mañosa, is the realized vision of four mothers and their desire to thoughtfully nourish and ...
The ladies behind Real Food educate us on how to turn healthy eating into a lifestyle.
Though many of us wish to eat in a more healthful manner, there is always a host of reasons why it’s too difficult to do so. Farmers’ markets are only open on weekends, while one-stop superstores carry the gamut of processed and ...