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Sometimes a silk square is much more than a piece of fabric.
This time it isn’t a person, it isn’t a rare book, nor is it a house in Italy that I’m in desperate pursuit of. This time it’s just a pocket square, a pochette.When I first see it, in a shop on Madison Avenue, ...
Alan Hollinghurst on creating his new novel, 'The Sparsholt Affair.'
Alan Hollinghurst doesn’t write quickly. In 30 years, the British author has penned just six novels, however, this relatively small collection of beautifully crafted work has earned him a rabid following and a slew of awards, including the Man Booker Prize for ...
Inside the head of brilliant Filipino author Lysley Tenorio.
Author Lysley Tenorio was born in the Philippines and currently lives in San Francisco. His book Monstress, a collection of stories that explore topics on cross-cultural upbringing and the meeting of American and Filipino culture, is a well-lauded work published in 2012. His works have ...
He revealed how much of his final novel was about his troubled wife.
Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald's love story has always been the subject of much fascination, and the obsession with their wild escapades and legendary fights shows no sign of disappearing. Last year, Z: The Beginning of Everything, brought Zelda's life to the ...
A real literary bombshell. (For us, at least.)
We can't help but love Roald Dahl. His characters and stories have brought imagination and creativity into our childhoods and will continue to do so for years to come.However, some hardcore Dahl fans (like us) may be surprised to find out that, despite thinking ...
Three pairs of glasses could reveal a new clue about her early death.
The death of Jane Austen has long been shrouded in mystery. The now-beloved author succumbed in 1817, at the relatively young age of 41, to an unidentified disease. Over the years, scholars have speculated that she died of cancer or tuberculosis. Others ...
The author reveals his thoughts on the writing process, telling history like it is, and how his mother kicked butt (in basketball).
Korean-American novelist Chang-Rae Lee published his debut novel, Native Speaker, 20 years ago. It was a rousing success—critically and commercially, winning a number of awards to go with its New York Times bestseller status. Four more novels later Lee is still at ...