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Discover some artists who continue to rise at this year's fair.
Art Fair Philippines is always an amazing collision of art, culture, technology, and people. With each passing year, the fair just seems to get better and better. But what really makes Art Fair dynamic are the hundreds of artists that are sharing ...
The artist hopes to open a discussion about mental health.
On the seventh floor of The Link, Makati City, the entrance to a tunnel is illuminated only by the screens of dozens of phones. The phones are masks worn by resin statuettes of everyday people; their displays projecting messages of sadness, regret, ...
Drawings and paintings made during the artist's most prolific period will be exhibited and be up for sale at Art Fair Philippines.
About 25 drawings of the late Mauro “Malang” Santos, which have never before been shown to the public, will be part of a special exhibition at Art Fair Philippines.Soler Santos, the acclaimed artist’s youngest son, and himself a visual artist, says there ...
A trip to some of the country’s favored destinations offers a glimpse of the past.
A trip to some of the country’s favored destinations offers a glimpse of the past through the inspired labors in heritage retrieval of bold individuals like National Artist Bencab, neurologist-art patron Joven Cuanang and heritage advocate Cora Relova.It is said that leaving ...
What are you excited to see?
From revivals to jukebox shows and brand new productions, we’ve rounded up the list of plays and musicals we can’t wait to see this year.Repertory Philippines’ staging of Silent Sky makes a return after a successful run in March last year. Based on ...
Learn more about the Colombian artist.
Most artists have a penchant for breaking the rules or going beyond the status quo—be it in doing a sculpture of a half-fish and half-horse, ditching the use of punctuation in a poem, or playing around with the proportion of the human ...
All the art fairs, exhibits, and museum openings around the world that art enthusiasts should keep on their radar.
The appreciation of art is such a universal phenomenon that it is celebrated in every corner of the world. Whether you consider yourself a serious art enthusiast or are working on growing your personal collection, here are the year's best art events:A ...
On its seventh run, Art Fair Philippines returns to The Link carpark in Makati from February 22 to 24.
Art Fair Philippines returns to The Link carpark in Makati on February 22 to 24. This year’s edition of the country’s premier art fair is no less exciting and unique than its predecessors. Its slate of featured artists includes the likes of ...
Scarlet Snow has a lookalike in another portrait too.
The National Museum finally confirmed the identity of the woman in an unfinished portrait by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo. The woman turned out to be Florencia “Nena” Singson Gonzalez-Belo, the mother of Vicki Belo.The painting by Amorsolo has been sitting in National Museum of ...
As the new National Artist for Architecture, we look back on Mañosa's greatest works
After receiving a unified nomination for National Artist in 2016, Filipino Architect Francisco "Bobby" Mañosa has recently been conferred the National Artist award for Architecture by President Rodrigo Duterte. The long-overdue honor comes a year after Mañosa: Beyond Architecture, a series of exhibits on his ...
The Philippines has currently recognized 66 National Artists.
President Rodrigo Duterte is reportedly set to proclaim the latest batch of National Artists on Wednesday, October 24.Created by Proclamation No. 1001 dated April 27, 1972, the Order of National Artist Award gives honors to “Filipinos who have distinguished themselves and made ...
These watercolors show off different side to our favorite dining establishments.
Gerardo Jimenez, owner of Malipayon Farms, often found himself at his clients' establishments during the dead hours of the day, and as a budding watercolor artist, he was struck by the quiet interiors bathed in afternoon light. "Since these were during the ...