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Last year, an unsigned BenCab sold for just P50,000.
As much as art fairs are immensely enjoyable celebrations of art, there’s always a sense of concern building up in the back of collectors’ minds. Art, after all, can cost significant amounts of money, and one can never be too careful about ...
The cultures of Colombia and the Philippines are so intrinsically intertwined because of our shared history of colonization by Spain.
As the grandchild of one of the most important living artists of our time, Felipe Botero is always eager to share funny stories about master Fernando Botero, as well as delve into the more technical aspects of his work.Speaking before a packed ...
The diary entries of C.C. Coo after attending the VVIP reception.
Very, very few occasions compel the Truly Rich Lady to break her self-imposed exile, slip her rickety bones into something uncomfortable, and bless the world with her dragon presence.Among these are the funeral of a Truly Rich Ancestor (to ascertain the flow ...
The former talk show host is backing an art auction to support Miss Porter's, a private girls' school.
Oprah Winfrey, whose niece went to Miss Porter's School, and arts patron Agnes Gund, who's an alumni of Miss Porter's herself, have teamed up to curate and chair an art auction benefitting the school.Titled "By Women, For Tomorrow's Women," the auction catalogue consists mainly of ...
He was a child prodigy, who translated Shakespeare to Tagalog at eight and studied at Columbia University at 12.
Some may say stitching is a lost art in our selfie-obsessed digital culture, a medium that once brought mother and child together through the simple act of threading a needle.For Manila-born artist David Medalla, there is an immeasurable beauty in such an ...
"The presence of foreign galleries at Art Fair Philippines is significant. It indicates that it is part of the globalized market."
Every year, Art Fair Philippines (AFP) showcases a range of Philippine art and ideas from both established and emerging artists. Full of color and movement, the three floors host an expanse of expressive installations that provoke the mind and stimulate the imagination. ...
These coveted pieces will set you back by a small fortune.
At times, some galleries stow their most priceless pieces away in their backrooms, usually for safekeeping or to be reserved for serious buyers (if you aren't one already).But given the foot traffic and size of the annual Art Fair Philippines, galleries presumably ...
Our curated selection of must-sees.
Occupying four levels of The Link carpark, Art Fair Philippines may get overwhelming, to say the least. During the VVIP preview, the T&C team was able to comb through the 55 galleries ahead of time and although it was a Hurculean task, ...
Arts education, development, and appreciation have been three of the central points of Dindin’s career, a course that came naturally to her.
For the past 25 years, Dindin Araneta has built a career around the arts. After internships at the Smithsonian, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and at Guggenheim Museum, she etched her place in the Philippine art industry through ...
Exceedingly rare and high-quality Ifugao sculptures come home to the Philippines from various parts of Europe and America.
Exceedingly rare and high-quality Ifugao sculptures have been coming home to the Philippines from various parts of Europe and America, thanks to Swiss collector and art enthusiast Martin Kurer, who has lived in the Philippines for the past 20 years. Kurer has ...
In the 1920s, Bauhaus changed the modern art landscape. Then it changed fashion.
Even if you don’t immediately recognize the name Bauhaus—the German art school known for its use of geometric shapes and graphic, clean lines—you’ve definitely seen its hallmarks.Marcel Breuer’s famous Wassily Chair, first designed in 1925 and copied ever since, is still available ...
Here are all the details on Lawrence's future husband.
It's official: actress Jennifer Lawrence is engaged to Cooke Maroney, a successful, if relatively unknown, art dealer. Below, everything we know about Lawrence's husband-to-be.Although Cooke's father, James Maroney, was once a leading figure in the art world, serving as the Head of American Paintings ...