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The real-life story behind the unlikely friendship hits theaters this week.
Victoria & Abdul, the story of the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and her servant is a film we highly recommend. Here are some reasons why.For Victoria & Abdul, Dame Judi Dench didn’t have to think twice about portraying Queen Victoria. The ...
All evidence of the Queen's confidant was hastily buried by the royal court after the monarch's death.
The latest Judi Dench film has directed the spotlight once again on the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and her servant, Abdul Karim. For over a century, not much was known about the close relationship the monarch shared with her Indian companion ...
Queen Victoria became dependent on Abdul, who evolved to become her teacher and adviser.
Queen Victoria defied expectations. She was frank, stubborn, and far from mild-mannered. She didn’t settle for how things were. She became the first monarch to regularly interact with the public through civic engagements. In her late years, she became friends with people ...