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Why These Bulgari Rings Are Iconic (And Also The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day)

Maze-like jewelry from Bulgari's Bzero1 collection reflects the complex woman that is your wife or mother.

We would like to interrupt your scheduled scrolling of the innards of Reddit for this very important reminder: Mother's Day arrives in two weeks.

As a service to you, the always tired and maybe clueless fellow, who doesn't have the bandwidth to think about what to get your special lady, your mother or the mother of your children, we present this will-make-her-light-up gift: a magnificent miniature maze.

This is on the list. You know, that list she keeps in her head or written down on the last page of her Smythson notebook. It is the list of all the eternally stylish and most wanted objects that she believes will make life beautiful.

It's the list that includes the Lady Datejust with an ice-blue dial, the Birkin in black in a very perfect size 30, the Petite Malle (when there are fewer things), the pair of, as Cardi B describes, “these is bloody shoes,” and something small and sparkly for the hands.

When it comes to hand adornments, the Bulgari Bzero1 ring is up there among the most dreamed of. Just take a look at its singular design, which is at once timeless and unconventional. Inspired by the ancient Colosseum in Rome, the ring is never a thin band (you can get that elsewhere), but a drum-like dream, an architectural form with many dimensions.

Officially, it is described as a “central band clasped by two flat rings engraved with the Bulgari double-logo.” On the finger, it is simply beautiful.


This year, the Roman jeweler creates fresh versions of its iconic creation. First, the Bzero1 Labyrinth, which is a souped-up iteration of the original. Now, four inner bands, hewn from alternating white and rose gold, go 'round on an angle. This is also like a chameleon with spirals that appear to change colors depending on how you look at it.


Apart from the rings, there are two pendants that are really mini versions of the finger bands.

Consider, too, the pieces from B.zero1 Design Legend collection, which has been made in collaboration with architecture legend Zaha Hadid. If the bands of the Labyrinth flow at a slant, the irregular rings of the Legend wiggle and undulate to form a complex, helix-like shape.

It doesn't hurt that these are embellished with pavé diamonds, as well as come in other forms: a cuff earring, two bracelets in black or white ceramic, and hoop earrings in rose gold.


Though it defies conformity, the Bzero1 ring remains a classic. Invoking the power of the circle or, in this case, many circles, the small piece of jewelry is a totem of the eternal.

More important, it is highly wearable. Bulgari points out that the rings are perfect on every finger, one above the other, on a chain or on a bracelet. And as befits the times we live in, they are both for women and men, so you can get one for her and another for you.

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