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The Face of This Sleek Watch Can Be Reversed and Engraved With Symbols

Tracing the journey of Jaeger-LeCoultre's Reverso, from a practical invention for polo players to emotional object.

"What makes the Reverso so unique and special is that it was designed for the world of polo," says Maxence Kinget, manging director of Jaeger-LeCoultre for Southeast Asia and Australia. The thwack of an errant ball would not bode well for the glass face of a polo player's watch, so an astute gentleman deisgned a ticker whose face could slide and turn over (and then hide from danger), "which is the origin of the name, 'Reverso'—it means 'flip around' in Latin."

Designing the Reverso

The ingenious solution was rendered in a form so exquisite it propelled the Reverso beyond the world of sport. Kinget describes the design—a geometrical case inflected with Art Deco touches and adorned with gadroons, straight Arabic numerals, and a minute track—as very pure, a quality that elicits an emotional response from its wearers.

The Reverso One Duetto Moon in 18-karat pink gold

"Emotion is very important because this is a watch that is going to go with you on your journeys, experiences, and the different things that you may live with in your life," he says. That emotion is not abstract, by the way. It is intrinsic in the watch's unique character of having two faces: one that gives you the time and another that allows you to record memories. On this second face, a blank canvas, you can place an engraving of a personal totem such as the date of your first date with the hubby or the outline of the chubby little hand of your baby. "I saw a gentleman that engraved all the names of the cities where he completed a marathon...New York, Paris, Amsterdam," adds Kinget. In fact, most anything is possible. You can even do an enamel portrait of your beloved, a more graceful way of carrying a keepsake.


Engraving on a Reverso Classic

And now, what to get: The Reverso One, a new collection for the ladies. "This is a sleeker watch. We narrowed it a bit so it's longer and even more rectangular than the original," describes Kinget. "We also put a bit more inclination on the legs so they're straighter than before, and we reworked the full dial with a new way of doing the writing of the numbers." In other words, this is elegant and emotional, fully feminine and all yours. Greenbelt 5, 728.0094.

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