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What to Do if You Inherit Jewelry You Don't Like

Don't sell it-just redesign it.

"Inherited jewelry is so meaningful, but often, because the design or settings are no longer contemporary or useful, these pieces don’t get integrated into your wardrobe," says Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, the founder Misahara, a jewelry brand that designs new pieces and reimagines family heirlooms or estate and vintage finds.

Lepa, who splits her time between New York and Montenegro, started the company based on personal experience. Years ago, whenever her husband would gift her fine jewelry, she found herself looking for ways to make the piece truly her own. It wasn't that she was ungrateful—she simply wanted to put her mark on pieces that she planned to pass down to her daughters one day.

A pair of diamond studs that a client brought to Misahara for revitalization.

After a decade of redesigning jewelry for herself and friends, Lepa decided to launch Misahara.

An example of how dated diamond stud earrings can get a fresh lease on life with sculptural and unexpected alterations.

"Jewelry is meant to be worn and shown off, not tucked away in the vault," she says. "Think about those beautiful antique or vintage pieces that you are attached to that could be repurposed into a new design, why wouldn't you turn these personal mementos into something more modern and suited to your style?"

The finished product: Reimagined heirloom earrings that are fun and unexpected.

For Lepa, re-imagining existing family jewelry is the opposite of disrespectful: It's caring to contribute to history's evolution.

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