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Liev Schreiber on Why He Loves Watches and the Big Part He Took for His Children
Turns out the 'Ray Donovan' star is something of a collector.

Gangsters, spies and other kinds of tough guys always wear the best watches. At least that's how it is in the movies.

The Longines Evidenza became an instant classic when Humphrey Bogart wore it in 1942's Casablanca. James Bond has been wearing an Omega Seamaster since the 1990s, and in last year's Batman v Superman Ben Affleck famously wore a $190,000 Breguet. But when it comes to big status watches, no one wears them better than Ray Donovan, the Hollywood fixer played by Liev Schreiber on Showtime's series of the same name. His collection includes iconic pieces like the Rolex Daytona, Omega Seamaster, and IWC Portuguese.

We caught up with Schreiber at a cocktail party he co-hosted with watch expert Ariel Adams in San Francisco to promote Tiffany's CT60 timepieces. He, no doubt, got that gig because of his Hollywood chops, but it turns out he has common ancestors with the Tiffany family—according to he's founder Charles Lewis Tiffany's ninth cousin, eight times removed.

We asked him about his love of watches and the next season of Ray Donovan.

So are you a watch collector?

Yeah, you might say. I love watches. It's really one of our few excuses as men to wear jewelry or accessories. I'm not a big necklace or ring guy, and I just like a beautiful time piece. Tiffany has gotten in the watch game, and I think they're doing it in a really elegant way. I'm really pleased by what they've been making.

Do you remember your first major, adult timepiece?

Yes, it was my grandfather's Timex. It was not a fancy watch, but it was beautiful, exquisite. It was a very cheap watch, like a five-and-dime watch. But it was just gorgeous because he had worn it for so many years, and it had that old navy blue alligator band that was so wrinkled that he probably bought it sometime in the '60s. It's just a beautiful piece. I'm hoping that it's still in my mother's basement.


Liev Schreiber checks out Tiffany's watch workshop in San Francisco

On watch websites, people sometimes obsess over Ray Donovan's collection. In one scene he pulls out a beautiful tray of watches. If Ray were here, what kind of a watch would he have custom made?

Ray got his style from his first boss, Ezra. Ray grew up in South Boston, and he was not as accustomed to men's accessories as he has become over the years. So I think that Ray is subtle, classic and strong. If I were Ray in this moment, I would have my eye on the black chronograph. It's just sophisticated, subtle and classic.

He's a black and gray kind of guy.

I think so.

We're looking forward to June when the next season of Ray Donovan begins. You've directed two episodes in the past—can we look forward to a third from you?

Not this season. I'm going to take a little time off. I'm already doing a 14-hour day just shooting the show. Directing it as well—the work week just gets too long, because we're sort of doing projects on the weekends. I need to give myself a little break this season. But you never know. There are a couple of open slots, and I may get my arm twisted. But I'm hoping to resist.

Tiffany's watch workshop in San Francisco

Do you ever see yourself as directing in the future, aside from the show?

I have been in the past and I would certainly consider doing it. There are a couple of projects I've been sort of slowly nurturing out of development, but we'll see.


We hear you have a very exciting part coming up later this year, where you play an evil monster.

You mean My Little Pony. You know how long I've been trying to do something that my children can see, so I was really, really pleased when they came to me and asked if I'd be a part of My Little Pony.

So are you a Brony?

A Brony? I'm not a brony yet, but I'm looking forward to becoming initiated. I am as of yet uninitiated.

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