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These Are the Diamond Accessories Men Can Really Wear

Cartier presents a new masculine ideal for the white diamond.

Cartier flouts convention by recasting the white diamond, those precious sources of brilliant light, as a wearable accessory for men. Traditionally reserved for the ears, necks, fingers, and wrists of women, the French jeweler has found a way to shake up the queen of gemstones so that it embodies a masculine elegance.

Three new pieces carry sharper and even avant-garde styles:

Tie Pin

For those who fancy themselves as a modern-day Joseph or a billionaire hardware owner, the Just un Clou tie pin is really a white gold nail covered in diamonds that you can pierce through your tie or the lapel of your suit jacket. It feels dangerous as it is amusing.

Pocket Gem

The spirit animal of the French maison makes an appearance as a white-gold, diamond-studded panther with emeralds for eyes and onyx stones as spots. It's officially called the Hidden Panthere pocket gem, and is exactly that: an ornament that peeks out from your pocket.


Five pear-shaped diamonds and 20 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.4 carats in total) are arranged into big fat droplets of a heavy shower. Wear the Pluie de Cartier Brooch as, well, a playful and very shiny boutonniere that will set you apart from the flower-wearing crowd.

Cartier says these precious items can be worn by both men and women on whatever occasion and in whatever way you like. We certainly see any of these on women, but we think the pieces made for the fairer sex, an ear cuff or a coronet, for example, would be difficult to wear by a man.


In any case, the gender-bending collection is welcome. In a moment when things change in the blink of an eye, everyone needs to move quickly, more so very old institutions. If you don't steer the ship in the direction of the wind, you will be left behind.

These new diamonds are taking Cartier in the right direction.

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