6 Pieces of Jewelry to Celebrate Every Milestone in Your Life

The best of the pearl for your life's best moments.
6 Pieces of Jewelry to Celebrate Every Milestone in Your Life

Any accomplishment or milestone can be made sweeter and more memorable when it's marked by jewelry. Here are gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones to perfectly mark a special occasion.

The Milestone: The memorable vacation
The Jewelry: A travel-inspired piece

Whether it's your first summer spent on the French Riviera or your first cruise trip to the Bahamas with your significant other, be sure to commemorate these memories with pieces inspired by the joys of endless summers.

Petits Bonheurs Pendant

The Voile D'Or ring, for instance, features golden figures in the shape of a swaying sail, with a luminescent golden pearl, signifying its enduring kinship with the sea. The Petits Bonheurs pendant is another option. Pearls are linked with charms that call up summer reveries of sailboats and golden sunsets.

The Milestone: Moving into a home of your own
The Jewelry: A personal bracelet

Celebrate your move toward independence with an exquisite trinket meant to express your individuality. The Mon Secret, which comes in golden chains or colored leather, features one-of-a-kind baroque pearls in playful shapes.

Mon Secret Bracelet

The Milestone: The first promotion
The Jewelry: A medal or lucky charm

Progress at work can mean rewarding yourself with something that will inspire you to carry on and do even greater. Look at the Les Classiques golden pearl stud earrings as the gem you can wear every day, taking you from simple occasions to your next big corporate affair.

Les Classiques South Sea Pearl Studs

Make it even more powerful with the Auspicious 8, which features golden pairs linked to fortuitous emblems—modern-day talismans ushering in luck and prosperity.

Auspicious 8 Pendant

The Milestone: The extra special wedding
The Jewelry: Hearts and pearls

Pieces from the Petits Coeur collection are made especially for you as the radiant bride, adorned with gold and brilliant diamonds and the golden orbs that represent a lifetime in a bracelet, a necklace, or a set of earrings. The South Sea pearl is a symbol of how beautiful things endure through time.

Petits Coeur Collection

The Milestone: Motherhood
The Jewelry: An heirloom piece

Motherhood is about giving life, and every form of it is a milestone deserving of something special to remind you of its joys and triumphs. The Mother and Child pendant symbolizes the bond between mother and child and conjures a world as powerful as a mother's love.

Mother and Child Pendant

Crafted with golden South Sea pearls, the collection evokes an image of a loving embrace and a cherished connection. An heirloom piece you'd pass on for when your child becomes a mother, too.

The Milestone: The major life achievement
The Jewelry: A golden pearl necklace

There are moments in your life when you know you've made it, whether you've received an award, made a breakthrough move for your company, or fulfilled a simple childhood dream. A strand of golden South Sea pearls is the perfect gift to celebrate strength, success, and femininity.

Les Classiques Golden South Sea Pearl Strand

From day-to-day moments to corporate affairs and enchanting celebrations, golden strands lend an elegant edge to the most modern of ensembles—radiating the charm of a treasure and the power of a woman.

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