Victoria Beckham Broke a Fancy London Dress Code

Because true chicness has its own rules.

We always suspected Victoria Beckham was too cool for rules. Now we have proof. Here's what went down:

A week before London Fashion Week, a discreet invitation was sent to style editors, inviting us to the Victoria, Victoria Beckham presentation. The catch was the venue: Mark's Club, "an elegant and traditional private club" in Mayfair, a neighborhood much like the Upper East Side but with clipped accents and stronger tea.

"No ripped denim," the invitation read. Also: no sneakers.

The member's-only townhouse goes even further on its website, banning "light denim," sportswear, cowboy boots, leggings, and t-shirts—exactly what Beckham wore to the party.

"We need to have fun with fashion, especially now," said Beckham, whose forbidden white tee read "it's a dark but happy place," a reference to her trademark massive sunglasses.

"I can poke a bit of fun at myself," she grinned—and also, apparently, to the club's list of banned fashion. Among the winning items from her Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection are an incredible range of denim, including super pale flares, sand-blasted girlfriend jeans, and straight-legged hip huggers with a raw (read: ripped) hem. 

But the favorite pair was a double whammy: lightly distressed (no!) light wash jeans (no!) with just the right amount of kick at the angle. "You can cuff them or keep them straight," Beckham said, "and the denim in this collection has a bit of a cowgirl feel to it, which makes it very cool." Even cooler: Beckham shared she rarely washes her jeans, preferring a lived-in vibe. "If the kids spill [something on them], then I have to wash them, obviously, but even then it's only on cold wash. And normally, no, I just don't wash them at all."

Lest you think she's gone full hippie, Beckham admits to being a closet case with her pants. "I normally hang my jeans up, to be honest with you, to keep the shape." She may be rewriting the stuffy rules of London dress codes, but come on—she's still Posh Spice.



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