7 Tips on How to Dress Like a Gentleman
The classic man's wardrobe is a mainstay.

1. Learn the art of suiting.

Several men think suiting ends after a visit to the tailor–lazily committing to a monotone black suit/black tie combination for that suit’s whole life. Incorporating various prints and using a rainbow of colors are what differentiates a dandy from his fashionably challenged counterpart. A gentleman finds the middle ground between the two, tastefully creating a certain style that is both remembered and admired.

2. Move at your own pace.

Speaking of dandies–with their out-of-this-world color combinations and accessories--their style is something many try and a select few can pull off. So, before you put on those colored chinos, do think twice and consider whether what you’re wearing matches your personality. You don't want to look unnatural.

3. The case for smart casual

Smart casual can be easily achieved by changing tiny details such as an undone button here or a pair of suede shoes there. The rule to never look sloppy remains. That means no ripped jeans, sweatpants, or a T-shirt and cargo pants combo.

4. Shoes take you places.

Studies show that the first thing people look at when they meet you are your shoes. Your shoes basically make the first impression! Invest in a good pair and you’ll be wearing them for at least a decade. Goodyear welted shoes are one example. Apart from pairs from popular luxury houses, consider under-the-radar English or Italian brands for leather shoes—some may even customize details for you.

5. Timeless classics make for good accessories.

There are a plethora of options for men’s accessories and as with everything, it’s always best to stick to the simplest options. For jewelry and watches, there are trusted brands at every price point but these always remain constant and may be the ones that your father probably owns. With bags, leather tends to be the gentleman’s trusty companion.

A crucial rule for gentlemen: Avoid anything too garish.

6. Weekends are no excuse.

It might sound tempting to trade your dress shoes for trainers, or worse flip-flops, on weekends, but remember a gentleman should look presentable at all times. Keep the training shoes at the gym and choose a minimal pair of sneakers or espadrilles as a compromise.

7. Always look effortless.


Take a page from the Parisians and stay cool by looking effortless. When you’re flitting about and uncomfortable with what you’re wearing, it shows physically. Other ways to look effortless: Make sure your hair is perfectly unkempt and your sleeves are folded in an ordered mess. Also, situational dressing in weather appropriate outfits will help you be more confident and at ease with yourself.

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