This British Brand Combines Heritage With Modernity For Its New Collection
Hackett London honors traditional British style while staying in tune with the digital age.

We are a British brand with a little bit of heritage,” redoubtably quipped Hackett London founder Jeremy Hackett some time ago to the venerable fashion journalist Suzy Menkes. He was being cheeky yet honest, as the fashion brand is still somewhat young. Founded in 1979, it’s nowhere near in age to its British peers such as Burberry and Dunhill, who can trace their histories back to the 1800s. Nevertheless, what Mr. Hackett had was a strong love of tradition and nostalgia, and it’s what he instilled into his brand and its succeeding collections, now overseen by American creative director Michael Sondag.

For Hackett London’s autumn-winter 2017 collection, emphasis is placed on traditional British tailoring and quality craftsmanship, with both qualities found over the four key themes or segments designated by the label: City Skyline, City Highlands, Mr. Classic, and the Journey.

In City Skyline, Hackett’s luxury Mayfair Collection is the star. As the name suggests, it’s a tribute to that affluent area in London’s West End, reputed to be one of the most expensive district not only in England, but in the world. It also houses a street long famous for making some of the finest bespoke suits: Savile Row.

Hackett London unveils four capsule collections this season for the stylish man with varied pursuits. Regardless of style, principles of traditional British tailoring are adhered to, with fine, British-made fabrics.

What makes the British-style suit different from other popular styles, such as American- or Italian-style suits? Tailors will tell you it’s mostly due to the cut; American suits were traditionally very boxy, with lots of padding on the shoulders and trousers that were rather loose. The Italians, on the other hand, have a more “trendy” cut. They’re fitted close to the body with minimal padding, with matching slim-fit pants. Unfortunately, the skinny silhouettes aren’t very forgiving to men who aren’t in the best of shape. Right in the middle, is the British-style suit. It’s seen as more contoured compared to American styles, with defined shoulders and a body-hugging but not tight fit.


The City Skyline collection respects this tailoring heritage, adding new details but also making use of another key element in British design: home-grown fabrics. Products from renowned British mills such as Fox Brothers give Hackett’s suits their weighty, authentic feel, but imbued with bold new colors.

The City Highlands collection’s name may seem like an oxymoron, but the designs make sense of it all. Designed to keep you warm in the chilly months, the pieces will seem equally appropriate whether you’re up in the Scottish highlands or walking along London’s fashionable streets. In The Journey capsule collection, Hackett has the stylish traveler in mind. The pieces have special pockets designed to conveniently carry your gadgets, tickets, passports, and other travel essentials. In terms of fabrics, they’ve been chosen to highlight comfort and breathability, as well as being water-repellent and crease-free.

Finally, the Mr. Classic collection is an homage to the founder’s book, Mr. Classic, which contains Jeremy Hackett’s musings on style and fashion. In this relaxed, sportswear-inspired collection practical pieces abound, in the classic colors of gray and navy—suitable for use all year round. Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Power Plant Mall.

This story was originally published in the November 2017 issue of Town&Country.

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