8 Fresh Night-Out Looks For When You're Tired of Your Little Black Dress

Because "lazy dressing" just doesn't cut it sometimes.

The little black dress has always been our go-to dress in good times and times of desperation. Trusty as it is, however, it deserves a break every now and then—especially if all your tagged photos show you in full black get-ups. Here, we put forward outfit ideas (that don’t involve an LBD) for those spontaneous nights out.

Play with silhouettes.

It’s all about unconventional shapes and sizes these days. The best way to incorporate this into your going out outfit is by keeping a lookout for avant-garde details. It could be an elegantly draped skirt, asymmetrical shirt, or something as simple as a one-shoulder dress.

Animal prints are always in style.

Show-stopping animal prints are back this season in a big way. This time, however, they're in the form of less sexy pieces such as a blazer, midi skirt, and a wrap dress. You can even take it a bit further and mix two prints at once, but always approach with caution.


Trust in the white shirt dress.

If you really prefer dresses, pick out a sexy white shirt-type dress. Keep it modest by pairing it with quirky accessories such as a block heel or mini bag a la Jacquemus. Another way to dress up a long white shirt dress for the night is by belting it.

Pair a statement top with tailored trousers.

Dressing up for a night out is really as simple as pairing a striking top with tailored trousers. Whether it be cigarette pants or flare pants, this tip works best if you wear something along the lines of a sequin top, ruffle blouse, or dramatic sleeves.

Let your accessories do the talking.

Use the age-old style trick of statement accessories. In lieu of an LBD, dress up a bare monochromatic outfit with the most colorful pieces in your closet: feathered heels, a fringed bag, or a metallic clutch.


Dress up a casual pair of jeans.

A couple of years ago, jeans on a night out might’ve been the last thing on your mind. All it takes to dress up a casual pair is a bit of styling. This could be anything from a tailored blazer or a really dressy top that’s saved for special occasions. Don’t forget to put on your dressiest pair of heels.

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Don’t hesitate to overdress in lamé.

If there’s anything the ‘70s taught us, it’s that lamé is always a great choice. Wear a full-on lamé dress or use it as an accent piece by way of a skirt. One thing to remember, especially for casual nights, is to play down the eye-catching fabric by keeping your beauty look to a minimum.

Go all out in satin.

A really easy way to dress up a look for a night out is through satin. At times, the fabric can look borderline tacky but you can avoid that by using it as an accent piece. Throw on a satin slinky midi skirt with a tank top, and a timeless jacket and you’re set. You may also inject satin through your accessories, specifically shoes!


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