Hermès Has a Tie Subscription Club, Because of Course It Does

Your Father's Day gift dilemma has been solved.

In the world of men's ties, Hermès reigns supreme.

But sometimes shoppers, especially men, don't want to deal with having to choose between options, even when the choices involve the best of the best. That's where the Hermès Tie Society comes in. Launching June 10, the subscription-based club provides its members new neckwear on a regular basis—no decision-making required.

In order to join the "club for the sartorially savvy and subtly adventurous," prospective clients will need to fill out a questionnaire—available at select boutiques across the country—where they'll indicate color preferences for ties and shirts along with the type and style of ties they like (e.g. shiny versus matte, equestrian-themed versus animal). They're also asked questions like, "Where do you see your ideal self?" (The multiple-choice answers include "In the spotlight," "In the shadows," "On the 50-yard line," and "At the bargaining table.")

"The concept of the Hermès Tie Society was to learn what our clients liked most about our tie collection, then conveniently send them a new tie every month for the length of time chosen," says Robert Chavez, CEO of Hermès of Paris. "They would not have to come to the store every month for a new tie, and we would select for them based on their preferences. What we learned is that clients love the convenience and the personal touch."

Joining the Hermès Tie Society starts at $180 per month.

The subscription options vary between receiving a new tie every quarter, every two months, or every month. Membership includes benefits such as free delivery, expert laundering, tie reshaping and repairs, and access to events at the flagship Madison Avenue store in New York City. It starts at $180 per month plus tax.

The ten boutiques where it will be offered include the Madison Avenue men's store, Wall Street in New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Beverly Hills, South Coast Plaza, and San Francisco. More information is available by calling 1-800-441-4488.


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