7 Stylish Pairs of Sunglasses You're Going to Obsess Over This Season

Give your wardrobe that one cool accessory update.

Sunglasses are a quick and easy way to update your daily ensemble. Choosing the right pair for the season may seem overwhelming, given all the new styles that are out on the market, so we're here to narrow down the hottest styles that you must check out right now.

The New Classics

Retro-style eyewear frames are making a glorious comeback, with a less than subtle modern update. This style of new classics is usually small in size, taking inspiration from the shades that were a big hit in the '80s. They aren’t, however, your run-of-the-mill pair of cat-eyes or oval frames. Design houses such as Prada, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton have taken the liberty of upgrading these style to feature a futuristic detail to their designs.

Prada Ultravox

Prada Etiquette 

Oversized Sunnies

Where would the fashion world be without oversized sunglasses? Whether you’re off on a long-haul flight to an obscure holiday destination or out doing a spot of Christmas shopping, these oversized pairs can instantly dress up any casual getup—a departure from the small shades mentioned earlier.

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Dior ColorQuake sunglasses

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MiuMiu oversized crystal sunglassed

Color-Changing Lenses            

Color-changing lenses are by no means new technology. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba sported them a couple of years back. But like any other great trend, these lenses are back and better than the last time we spotted them on the runways. Take a pair out for a spin during a tropical holiday vacation and watch it work its magic. It’s like taking along two pairs of shades for the storage space of one. 

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Ray-Ban Evolve aviator sunglasses 

Lens Over Frames

There’s something about the flat screen design of the new wave of iPhones that makes it seem even sexier. The eyewear equivalent of this design trend would have to be the flats lenses that are unconventionally placed over the frames. This trend ushers in a sleek collection of clean-cut sunglasses with a contemporary twist.

Ray-Ban Blaze round sunglasses

Bold Statements

Every season has its show-stoppers and this fall isn’t any different. These sunglasses are all about loud, glamorous details. In the season that’s known for sequined dresses and dramatic textiles, these bold sunglasses fit right in with your party ensemble. 

Bulgari Serpenteyes

Dolce & Gabbana Graffiti

Round Revolution

Round sunglasses have been around for the past couple of years, and for good reason too. This style gives off an antique vibe that instantly makes every outfit hipper than it already is. Pair it with the velvet coat of the season or even just a plain black shirt and you’re ready to hit the town.

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Ray-Ban Beat sunglasses

Signature Details

Gone are the days of in-your-face labels and branding. Design houses are incorporating subtle elements that allude to their iconic designs for this trend. For Burberry, there’s the classic Burberry check, and for Bulgari, it’s the hallmark serpent’s head holding the Serpenti acetate butterfly frames together.

Bulgari Serpenti sunglasses 


Burberry Honey Check

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