An A-to-Z Guide to Fall 2018's Biggest Trends

The common thread tying this year’s trends together is an overdose of nostalgia.
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The new season's runway collections drew inspiration from the 80s, bringing back puffed shoulders, sparkly evening dresses, and an overall attitude of high glamour.

Sophisticated partygoers will certainly take their cue from the “big hair” styles that made their comeback in Valentino’s Haute Couture collection this ball season. On the other side of the spectrum, street style served up some very futuristic ideas: Boiler suits and bike shorts come to mind.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of influences, so to make sure you don’t get left behind, here is an A-to-Z guide to the biggest and boldest trends of the season:

A is for Asymmetrical evening-dress hems.

B is for Blazers, those oversize gems.

C is for Cinched, with a statement belt.

D is for Dad Sneakers, chunky and unsvelte.

E is for Eyewear in retro, cat-eye shapes.


F is for Fuchsia on dramatic coats and capes.

G is for Gold Chains stacked around your neck.

H is for Headbands in polka-dot and check.

I is for Inclusivity and carrying plus-sizes.

J is for Jumpsuits, where the boiler shape capitalizes.

K is for Knee-Baring bike shorts, not just for sprints.

L is for Leopard, the queen of all prints.

M is for Metallic and shiny, disco style.

N is for Neon Prada sandals that would make anyone smile.

O is for Orange officially becoming the new black.

P is for Power Shoulders with no signs of pulling back.

Q is for Quilting, the chicest way to keep warm.

R is for Rainbows, taking knitwear by storm.

S is for Shearling, for the real-life Scream Queens.

T is for Transparent, raincoats worn with track pants or jeans.

U is for “Ugly Fashion,” for the trends we won’t let die.


V is for Vintage, the best designer bag to buy.

W is for White, the shade we all want on our shoes.

X is for Designer Collaborations, a strategy that cannot lose.

Y is for Yellow, the color of Gen Z.

Z is for Zebra, and every print on a wildlife safari.

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