11 Timeless and Classic Pieces You Need in Your Closet

Wardrobe staples you'll never tire of, no matter what.

Whenever we look at our closets, the same question comes to mind: “What do I wear today?” We’ve all been in the same situation, but if we can make the effort to be smart about our money and time, why not our clothes?

Investing in the right pieces is just like putting your money where it works. While the initial investment might be difficult in the beginning, the returns are greater in the end. We’re all aware of our wardrobes' bare necessities of course, but to really help clear things out, we’ve prepared a handy cheat sheet of staples that deserve prime real estate in your closets. What’s more, spending a little more for these pieces also has its own rewards. Not only will you be able to wear them more, they’ll hold and last even longer—way beyond fleeting trends, that’s for sure.


White Button-Down Shirt

Nothing spells the perfect basic than a white button-down shirt. Select one (or more) that comes in a nice cotton poplin fabric, so it doesn’t slouch or look bad in the middle of the day. Pair this with either your favorite pair of denim for a casual yet polished look or with a ball gown skirt to give a modern update to eveningwear. It’s so versatile that having more than just one is definitely not something out of the ordinary, especially if you tend to reach for it a lot.

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A nice watch can make the right impression, but one that you can use for both everyday and dressier occasions is totally worth having. Be it a business meeting, brunch with the girls or date night, a good timepiece on your wrist wins the form and function game. The Reverso watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre gives you just that—one side is a simple but timeless face and when you flip it over, you’ll have another alternative face with diamonds on the frame that’s more evening appropriate—done with little to no effort at all.

Tuxedo Jacket

When you want to change things up a bit and take on a sharper silhouette, a strong and bold shoulder through a well-fitted tuxedo jacket is a great alternative. An oversize shape can be worn as a dress to show off your legs while a more tailored version is a more traditional sartorial choice. Be reminded that an item like this needs to fit your body type and height for it to work because when it does, anything is possible. Pair it with jeans or with your go-to trousers for a full-on, power suit.

Cropped Black Pants

A good cropped pair of trousers is a tried and tested addition to any wardrobe. It easily transitions from workday to weekend depending on the kind of shoes you decide to slip into. For a wash and wear pair, try one in a gabardine stretch material. It gives you more comfort when you move, which is suitable for travel or even just a long day. Wear it with a blazer and heels and you’re set to rule or tone down the look with sneakers or ballet flats for a more laidback look that’s easy and effortless.

Versatile Handbag

What’s a complete wardrobe if you don’t have the right bag to go with any of your ensembles? If you lean towards a more feminine aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with the Chanel 2.55 classic flap or an Hermès Kelly. But if you’re searching for a more contemporary piece that still has that heritage charm, the Moynat Rejane might just be the choice for you. Wear it different ways, on the shoulder, crossbody or tucked into the crook of your arm. One thing’s for sure, in spite of the hefty price tag, the cost per wear is justifiable as to how much and how long you can clutch onto it, which in our eyes, is pretty much forever as long as treated with the right care.


When it comes to shoes, a good ol' pair of pumps can go a long way. These shoes are serious when they need to be but can balance a fun look because of their classic shape. Elongating the leg with the absence of an ankle strap, these shoes are universally flattering to any body type. Go for basic black or a nude pair if you wish to have a more seamless look. Whether you wear them with a skirt, your favorite trousers or a cocktail dress, these shoes are definitely a fail-safe option you wouldn’t want to be without.

White Flats

White loafers may not be the top choice for flats, but their unexpected shape and hue add a sophisticated flair to what is otherwise a masculine-inclined silhouette. Given the chance, they go with everything and they also add some spunk to your outfit choice. We already know these would look good with a jacket-trouser combination, but with a mid-length skirt, they put a little surprise into basic attire, especially if you want to break a monochromatic look.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a style you need not think twice about. A no-brainer choice especially for those who are used to a feminine style, they are an effortlessly chic addition to almost any outfit. From skirts to pants or even shorts, ballet flats are the epitome of a classic piece, more so if you’re rushing out to meet your girlfriends for a boozy brunch.

Stylish Coat

A good coat is hard to come by, and even if we do live in the tropics, it’s great to have a quality piece on standby for when you jet off to a place with a cooler climate. A cashmere coat, on the other hand, is a more luxurious cover up to reach out for that can easily be dressed up or down during your travels. Snuggling into cashmere will feel like you’re enveloped in a lush blanket when you need it the most while looking chic in the process.

Basic Tees

There’s really no need to explain why keeping a good selection of these in your closet is a must. Plain tees are no-fuss when it comes to dressing up as you don’t need to worry about which item to pair them with. You know you’ll need them in white and black, hands down. Too casual? Cover up with a nice cardigan or jacket for a nicely balanced and smart ensemble. T-shirts are a must in your wardrobe.  

Stud Earrings

Be they pearls or diamond studs, non-descript earrings like these are as classic and timeless as they go. Discreet and straightforward, these are the kind of jewelry that make for a polished addition to any outfit and are so versatile, you can pass them on as an heirloom piece to that lucky daughter, daughter-in-law, or granddaughter. To make a bigger statement, adjust the size according to your liking.

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