9 Accessories To Help You Look More Stylish

These are the trendy accessories that will be everywhere next year.

Accessories, when chosen correctly, can complement and enhance your look. Here are 9 different ways to use them to elevate your outfit.

Hair Accessories

Nostalgic '90s fashion has been steadily trending for the past few years, so it’s really no surprise that puffy headbands and clips have made a comeback. Try slipping on big headbands made of textured materials like velvet and silk. You can also take part in the hair clip trend with jeweled bobby pins and sleek metal barrettes. Oversize ribbons have also been making a comeback as of late.

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Unconventional Pearls

Pearls are having quite the moment. This season, we've been seeing them everywhere from tops to pants and even down to shoes. Whether they be on a classic necklace, or as drop earrings à la Kate Middleton, there’s no denying that pearls add a dash of elegance to any outfit. You can make a pearl headband or barrette your hair’s crowning glory. Another interesting take on the trend could be a pair of baroque pearl earrings.


Hoop Earrings

Another classic accessory that’s sure to make a statement are hoop earrings. There are many ways to incorporate this trend into your look: with small, large, jeweled hoops and more. This season’s most popular choice are a crossover with the pearl trend, albeit an oversized version.

Masculine Hats

An easy way to effortlessly top off your look is with a hat, and we've been spotting more masculine takes on the accessory. You can channel your inner Francophile by wearing a beret or alternatively, go for a more boyish approach by wearing a Baker Boy hat. 

Dazzling Evening Bags

‘Tis the season for some sparkle. Incorporate some shine into your look with a beaded bag. Not only does it add a chic vintage-style touch, it also gives an outfit more texture. Other takes on the trend are embellished velvet or silk pouches which pair well with just about everything.


Nostalgic Sunglasses

Designers have been looking to the past for inspiration, and you can definitely see it in the sunglasses currently on the market. From unconventionally shaped wire-frame sunglasses or the popular barely there Matrix-style glasses, there are many ways to take on this popular accessory. If you’re not necessarily feeling risky, a classic cat-eye will do the trick.

Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is sophisticated and flattering. A simple necklace with a tiny pendant can make your neck look delicate and the same can be said about wearing a dainty bracelet on your wrist. It’s an elegant way to add some sparkle to your outfit.

Structured Bags

This was a big year for structured bags, and it seems the trend will carry on to 2019. Boxy and geometric bags dominated and were everywhere all season. Go with a box bag to carry something reminiscent of the past or go ultra modern with a strong and angular bag.


Chunky Belt

Rugged, corporate, or sexy belts are an easy way to add an interesting pop to any outfit. A real statement maker would be a chunky style. Pair it with an otherwise boring blazer or a simple crisp white shirt to bring attention to your waist.

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