8 Designer Handbags And The Women Who Inspired Them

Because once you REALLY make it, someone will name a handbag after you.

The Birkin. The Jackie. The Pippa. 

Read on for the some of the most iconic handbag inspirations of all time.

1. Pippa Middleton

Brand: Modalu England

Name: Pippa grab bag

Cost: $357 (P18,273.05)

Buy it here: Modalu

2. Cara Delevingne

Brand: Mulberry

Name: Cara Delevingne bag

Cost: $1,270-$2,880 (P64,992.25-P147,384.00)

Buy it here: Mulberry

3. Jane Birkin

Brand: Hermès

Name: Birkin Bag

Cost: Price upon request

Buy it here: Hermès

4. Jackie Kennedy

Brand: Gucci

Name: Jackie bag

Cost: $2,990 (P153,043.15)

Buy it here: Gucci

5. Ricky Lauren

Brand: Ralph Lauren

Name: Ricky Bag

Cost: $1,750-$18,500 (P89,573.75-P946,922.50)

Buy it here: Ralph Lauren

6. Princess Diana

Brand: Christian Dior

Name: Lady Dior

Cost: Starting at $2,950 (P150,995.75)

Buy it here: Christian Dior

7. Grace Kelly

Brand: Hermès

Name: Kelly Bag

Cost: Price upon request

Buy it here: Hermès

8. Alexa Chung

Embed from Getty Images

Brand: Mulberry

Name: Alexa bag

Cost: $1,760 (P90,068.00)

Buy it here: Mulberry

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