These Makeup Mistakes Are Making You Look Older

Avoid them and be on your way to looking youthful!
These Makeup Mistakes Are Making You Look Older

When it comes to beauty, even the smallest details can make or break your look. Here are the most common mistakes that you need to correct when applying makeup:

1. Wearing the wrong shade of or too much foundation

Your foundation should help conceal unwanted blemishes in the most natural-looking way possible. Choosing the wrong shade and/or applying it too thickly are two of the most common mistakes that women tend to make. The former results in an ashy, dull color on your face and the latter leads to a cakey finish. Both make you look tired and a lot older than you actually are.

2. Neglecting your dark undereye circles

Stayed up late watching your favorite drama series? Don't let it show the morning after. Say no to panda eyes and choose a color-correcting concealer that will help you fake last night's lack of beauty sleep. Otherwise, those dark and puffy eye bags could add a decade more to your real age.

3. Not using makeup primer

Never underestimate the power of wearing primer before applying makeup. Apart from making sure that your makeup lasts longer, the right primer smooths and blurs out pores and fine lines, instantly making those distracting wrinkles look less pronounced.

4. Forgetting to hydrate your lips

Cracked and chapped kissers? That's a sign of aging right there! Your lips also need TLC, so always give them a swipe of moisturizing lip balm before applying lipstick. Better yet, choose a lip color with a non-drying formula, like Revlon Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lipcolor.

5. Investing in the wrong beauty products

Aging may be inevitable, but it's not impossible to look young. When shopping for makeup, invest in products that are especially formulated to make you look younger and fresher: Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation will give you the coverage that won't settle into lines; Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Concealer will fade the appearance of dark circles and crow's feet; and Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer will smooth your wrinkles and give you firmer-looking skin.

Follow these tips and commit to avoiding the different makeup mistakes mentioned to be a step closer to a younger-looking you.

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