The Most Bizarre Japanese Beauty Buys
From facial flex equipment to breath checking devices.

BN Micro Fiber Eyelid Tape

Eyelid tapes have been around for over a decade, but this micro fiber version that stretches, looks natural, and feels comfortable is a game changer. It works like temporary blepharoplasty. It makes the eyes seem wider and rounder by working as a sticky string that creates a crease or what people call the “double eyelid.” It works well too for those with already big eyes by lifting droopy eyelids.

Hair Chalk Comb

This takes the mess out of temporary hair coloring process and gives your strands a pop of color in one swipe. The colored chalk powders also don’t transfer to clothes.

Nail Polish Removal Pens

This pen erases imperfect nail polish strokes and cleans excess color on the cuticles in an instant. It comes with extra tips and may also be refilled with your own nail polish remover.

Nail Clipper with Magnifying Glass

In case you have terrible eye sight, this helps you cut your nails with better precision and reduces eye strain while you do.

Fujiko Mayutint Peel-Off Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo

If you can perfectly draw your eyebrows every day, this is something we would recommend you try. You just need to draw on and fill in your eyebrows using this liquid gel and wait for the formula to dry. Peel it off to reveal natural looking, filled in brows that could last for weeks. It sets and works like henna, so you cannot make a mistake.

Facial Fitness Pao

What does Real Madrid football player Cristiano Ronaldo have to do with beauty? The Japanese have found a connection, apparently, and have tapped the athlete to be an endorser for Facial Fitness Pao. The beauty gadget allows you to exercise your facial muscles to give you a “better, younger smile.” It entails you popping the ball part of the bar-shaped tool into your mouth and bobbing your head up and down. Of course, they advertise the various colors “The Pao” comes in and recommend it be used twice a day for 30 seconds each time.


Face Lift Belt

Defying age and ultimately, gravity, comes with costs, especially if you're taking the botox and fillers route, but in Japan, it allegedly costs $37. La Vie Kogao offers a face lifting belt that guarantees to contour your face and undo any wrinkles caused by aging. Similar to a floating device, you must inflate your face lift belt before using it.

Anti-Sweat Underarm Liner

Japanese brand Sara-ri provides an efficient alternative to antiperspirant. These anti-sweat stickers are nude, naturally, and help absorb underarm sweat, which is ideal when working out.

Four-sided Panorama Compact Mirror

Tiny compact mirrors are inferior to this four-sided panorama mirror as the latter allows you to conveniently smooth out any stray hair sticking out from the back of your head and spread your anti-aging creams evenly. It also folds up neatly and takes up minimal space in your makeup kit.

Portable Breath Checker

The Tanita FitScan Breath Checker analyzes volatile sulfur compounds in your breath, which means assessing foul-smelling breath and measuring it according to six levels of odor. A digital screen displays the results in seconds and saves you the trouble of having to check your breath manually.

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