Smart and Gorgeous Millennial Marianna Vargas Shares Her Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

As project coordinator for the Oscar M. Lopez Center's Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation, Marianna walks her talk through ethical consumption.

What keeps you busy?
A lot of the work that I do involves communicating the science of climate change and its impact to a broad range of audiences. My personal time is spent enhancing my understanding of it. I feel that part of assuming the right to talk about the issue demands that you are hungry to continuously learn about it, so my work shouldn’t stop when I clock out at 6 p.m.

Tell us about your daily beauty regimen.
It’s very basic—I cleanse and apply sunblock in the morning, and in the evenings I use moisturizer. I’ve slowly become more careful about the products I consume, so most of them are naturally derived and responsibly produced. Right now, my entire skincare and makeup regimen is composed of bareMinerals. My fear of synthetic cosmetic chemicals has grown significantly.

When doing your makeup, what color palette do you prefer and stick to?
I stick to neutrals and earth tones because numerous embarrassing photos from the past have shown me that daring color choices are best left to experts! My makeup routine consists of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and blush. I’ve only recently discovered contouring, which I find I really fascinating.

What beauty products are in your travel kit?
For makeup, I’m obsessed with bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation, which is perfect for long haul flights and long days. It maintains itself throughout different activities so I don’t worry about retouching my makeup. I also make sure to bring bareMinerals Complexion Rescue for days I can’t be bothered to wear makeup. For skincare, I always bring my bareMinerals hydrating moisturizer and eye cream. The combination rejuvenates my skin, especially in cold weather.

Simple Micellar Water Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover, available at leading department stores; BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream,; Becca Foundation, Beauty Bar, Power Plant Mall

Beauty product you could not live without?

Apart from climate change, what causes are you passionate about?
I have a growing affinity to more conscious and responsible living. I’ve discovered a sense of empowerment from taking control of my lifestyle and consumption choices. As a society we’ve become shockingly detached from how we consume things, not realizing that our choices affect others and our environment. I try to talk about it as much as I can among my peers and on different platforms. I don’t believe in shoving social issues down people’s throats. Sustained social change needs to come from a genuine desire to change, and that can be initiated by better informing people. It is ultimately up to them to choose how to act.

“You can’t control being the most beautiful person in the room, but you can constantly strive to be the smartest.”

What inspires you?
My generation! All around the world I see my peers taking control of their future and holding systems and institutions more accountable to the world they will leave behind for us. It’s really so beautiful to witness.

What challenges you?
Despite the advances my generation is making, those same institutions and systems continue to make it extremely challenging to ensure the integrity of our future. Last year was especially difficult, but I am constantly amazed by the youth’s unrelenting spirit.

Some say first impressions are everything. What impression do you hope to leave through your personal look?
A fun one.

What dreams are you in the process of fulfilling?
I’ve been researching different academic programs because I’m determined to go back to school.

What is your most memorable beauty faux pas?
Getting a salon spray tan! It was awfully hilarious. My friends and I still laugh about it to this day.

Who is your beauty icon?
My mom, Cedie Vargas. Her obvious physical beauty aside, it is her intelligence and independent spirit that I find remarkably beautiful.


Iredale Bronzer, Rustan’s Makati, 813.3739

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
“You can’t control being the most beautiful person in the room, but you can constantly strive to be the smartest.”

What is your personal definition of beauty?
Authenticity and strength. I feel like it is so important to empower women and especially young girls to take ownership of their own definition of beauty and not let themselves be defined by others.

What is the biggest lesson working has taught you?
Absolutely everyone deserves to be with treated with respect and dignity.

What are you grateful for?


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