Put Down the Tweezers, Professional Eyebrow Shaping Is the Way To Go
Set off the windows to your soul with the right frame.

We know a girl with bushy black brows who swore by her handy tweezers and decade-long DIY plucking experience to sculpt her own eyebrows until a seven-year-old nephew handed her a doodle of herself. Along with her trademark supermodel-like wide forehead, pointy nose, and jet-black eyes in seeming slits—which were all accurately sketched—were Sharpie strokes unevenly and horrifyingly shaped like half a hexagon. Those uneven bows were supposed to illustrate her eyebrows—double-arched in a “tadpole wraparound shape,” which definitely falls in the do-not-imitate category. It was only then that she realized she was having a bad browmance. And she’s not alone—seven out of 10 women do their own eyebrow shaping, which most of the time turns out pretty bad, according to Tab Abad, Harem's Managing Director.

The Browhaus Blueprint System

So we finally got her to get them fixed professionally, and that meant going to an eyebrow grooming clinic, and not just any other salon offering threading or plucking services on the side. We headed to Browhaus, which specializes in eyebrow shaping, sculpting, coloring, and even semi-permanent enhancement. And really, no one does it better than its highly-trained and extremely careful and hygienic aestheticians.

One of its most popular services is Browgraphy, a combination treatment of threading and tweezing plus color tweaking. It’s true that well-shaped eyebrows take off years from your appearance, while extremely thin shapes add years. Here, you don’t worry about that. You can leave it to your aesthetician to thread away, trim just enough, and tint accordingly to get the right arch angle, thickness, and color in under 40 minutes. While they do it quickly, everything is taken into consideration, from the shape between your eyes to the shape of your face, to determine how they’ll sculpt your eyebrows. How they match the skin tone and hair color to the brow tint is amazing—makes a whole lot of difference once finished. Works like a facelift, only quicker. Our friend came out looking fresher, made over, and more pleasant. The entire result just always perks up, like ice cream on a summer day.


If you’ve no eyebrows to shape, don’t feel too bad either. Thinning, falling, or practically gone ones can be treated with Brow Resurrection. Extremely popular at Browhaus branches in Singapore, London, and New York, this innovative procedure creates detailed, natural-looking eyebrows using a plant-based ink. Your ideal eyebrow is drawn by the strand (like a tattoo, but the ink penetrates only the upper skin layer, thus it is semi-permanent) in true 3D lifelike splendor. The overall sensation during the process is almost like a slight sting as it feels just like eyebrow tweezing, but the results last for over a year are worth it. The patented technique exclusive to Browhaus even allows you to choose a peg for your eyebrows. Care for Natalie Portman’s straight ones or Cindy Crawford’s bushy arches? Your wish is Browhaus’ command.

Varuous brow shapes you can get through Brow Resurrection

Patrons will be delighted to know that in May 2017 both Strip and Browhaus will release a loyalty plus card, which doubles as an in-store ATM and debit card. You can easily earn points each time you avail of a Strip or Browhaus service, and use the card to pay for services at any of their branches.

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