Mother of Two, Tanya de la Paz, Shares Her Thoughts on Real Beauty
The best beauty advice she's ever received: Start moisturizing before you turn 20.

What keeps you busy?
I’m very close to my siblings and we all work together under my dad’s guidance. I am responsible for the human resources department, and I also help out my eldest brother with financial investments. But what really keeps me busy is being a mom to my toddlers and making sure my home is managed well.

What is your everyday beauty regimen?
I am not big on makeup but I do believe in the importance of skin care. I wash my face with SK-II facial treatment cleanser and use Shiseido Benefiance for my moisturizer, night cream, and eye cream. I also use Shiseido Ultimune to boost the efficacy of those products. I like using Asian brands because I feel like they are tailor-made to fit Filipino skin and our tropical conditions.

What color palette do you prefer to stick to and why?
I like neutrals because they are low maintenance. I also like that they can go from day to night with great ease.

How would you define luxury?
For me, luxury is having security—whether it be emotional, physical, or financial. I believe that when you’re secure, your life will flow much better and you can deal with challenges with more clarity.

What inspires you? What challenges you?
I find inspiration from traveling and from people. I enjoy talking to strangers and going to new places because you never know what you’ll discover. As for challenges, I try to set goals (sometimes unrealistically) and see how many I can actually accomplish. I am horrible at time management and so I’m challenged how to not put too much on my plate so I can get everything done and not be constantly late!

What impression do you hope to leave through your personal look?
I don’t really overthink my personal look and just try to keep it simple. I hope I leave an impression of an easy, approachable person.

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What other dreams are you in the process of fulfilling?
I want to go back to school one day and take classes in interior design. But before that, I am praying for a daughter and will hopefully be blessed with one this year.

What would you never compromise on?
My family values. There are just some principles that cannot be bent.

What is your most memorable beauty faux pas?
Smudged eyeliner. I was once at a wedding, merrily drinking and dancing, only to discover later that I looked like I had two black eyes!


What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Take care of your skin at a young age. I am so glad I listened to my mom and started moisturizing before I turned 20.

What is your personal definition of beauty?
Beauty can be found in a person’s entirety and not just in how they look. In my opinion, beauty is in someone’s spirit—when they are kind and cheerful, they will radiate.

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What is the biggest lesson working has taught you?
Discipline and the importance of having a routine. We all need structure and we can apply it to all the aspects of our lives, not just in the workplace.

What are you grateful for?
This is going to sound like a cliché, but it’s the honest truth—family, friends, good health, God, and opportunities are what I’m most grateful for. Every time I hit a bump in the road, I just think of these things and find myself having no reason to complain.

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