Low-Impact Exercises: 7 Quick and Fun Ways to Lose Weight

These effective low impact workouts will shed away the weight you've been meaning to lose.

We might have reached the first week of February, but some of us are still struggling to keep those New Year's resolutions alive. If your fitness goal is to lose a few pounds in the quickest and most fun way as you possibly can, consider these low impact exercises that should be easy on the joints:

Classical Pilates

The Skinny: Classical Pilates tries to stick to the original philosophy of founder Joseph Pilates as closely as possible. The Pilates guarantee is that in 10 sessions, you feel the difference, in 20, you look different, and in 30, you have an unrecognizable body. This workout can easily be designed around your fitness goals. It can also help you improve your posture balance and increase your control and strength.

Calorie Count: Depending on a person’s weight, an hour of beginner’s Pilates can burn: 120 calories (120 lbs.), 252 calories (150 lbs.), and 294 calories (175 lbs.) 

Where to Try: Options Studio, 4/F Podium Mall, Ortigas Center, 695.3263


Price: P1,800 per session

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Lagree Fitness 

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The Skinny: The Lagree method is a combination of cardio and resistance training that focuses on building form. It utilizes the Megaformer, an easily adjustable machine invented by Sebastian Lagree, which you sometimes perform exercises such as planks, push-ups, and lunges on. The high-intensity low-impact workout aims to enhance your core strength, muscle strength, and balance.

Calorie Count: 500 to 800 per 45-minute class

Where to Try: Elev8 Lagree Fitness, 9/F Unit 1, Ore Central, 9th Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City,

Price: P1,500 for 1 session, P6,250 for 5 sessions; P11,250 for 10 sessions

Indoor Rowing 

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The Skinny: The indoor rowing craze had many jumping on a rowing machine to burn calories and build strength through this full-body workout. In a single stroke, you use up to 85 percent of your body’s muscles. It’s also good if you want to get in more cardio.  


Calorie Count: 400 to 600 per session

Where to Try: Saddle Row, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati,

Price: P750 per class


The Skinny: Every micro-movement in every second counts in Barre3, a full-body workout that utilizes low-impact movements. Since the movements are small, it allows you to hold the posture longer, engaging your muscles and feeling a deep burn. Then you move on to bigger movements that speed up your heart rate and lets you burn more calories.

Where to Try: Barre3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City,

Price: P700 for class; P5,500 for 10 classes; P15,000 for 30 classes

Power Yoga

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The Skinny: Think of power yoga as your typical yoga class on steroids—you’ll have to power through longer holds and advanced yoga poses that focus on building strength and increasing your body’s flexibility. If you’re looking to burn more calories with yoga as your workout of choice, then this variant could be for you.


Calorie Count: 304 calories per hour (130 lbs) 

Where to try: Beyond Yoga, 2/F Serendra, 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 

Price: P800 for one class; P5,000 for 10 classes; P9,500 for 20 classes

Plana Forma

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The Skinny: If you’re one to tire of the same old workout, then Plana Forma is worth a shot. A combination of yoga, Pilates, and dance, Plana Forma is a fast and fun exercise that took off from Physique 57 principles. While the 55-minute session is fast-paced, it works to tone your abdominals, hips, and thighs as well as strengthens the back muscles.

Calorie Count: At most 600 per hour, depending on body weight

Where to Try: PlanaFORMA, 17th Floor Frabelle Building Rada St. Legazpi Village, Makati, 

Price: P650 for one class; P3,000 for 5 classes, P5,500 for 10 classes

Brisk Walking 


The Skinny: If you're a runner, swap that routine run for a lengthy walk. You could do it with just a pair of sneakers or include ankle or wrist weights into the equation for an added challenge. Level it up by walking uphill, which lets you burn more calories.

Calorie Count: 100 calories per mile (1.61 kilometers) on average. Try this calorie calculator for more accurate results

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