Scalpel Not Necessary: This Lifting Procedure Contours the Face Without Surgery

Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz, founder of dermatological clinic Skin 101, explains the treatment.
Scalpel Not Necessary: This Lifting Procedure Contours the Face Without Surgery

“People want to look good—but nowadays, they want to pretend they were born looking good!” quips Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz, who isn’t one to shy away from cracking jokes at an interview. Her warm demeanor is just one of the reasons her clinic has stayed successful over the years. The University of the Philippines graduate, who earned her dermatology degree at the Skin and Cancer Foundation, entered her field with every intention of making people smile more.

“I always wanted to be a doctor, but I didn’t want to do the hardcore doctor-type of thing,” Dr. Jennie shares. “I wanted to work in a field where I could make people happy, and I thought dermatology is a good fit. When my patients come in, they're not sick, and they leave the clinic feeling happier and more confident.”

When Dr. Jennie founded Skin 101, she wanted to focus on cosmetic procedures and dove in by opening a clinic that operated in malls. “Fifteen years ago, going to the mall for skincare was Greek. My husband and partner Dr. Oliver and I thought, 'The malls are sprouting up. We need to make the clinics more accessible to everyone!' People thought we were crazy.”

“I think accessibility is key, especially since everyone has a busy lifestyle nowadays.” Dr. Jennie points out, “People don't want to go beyond where they live. The traffic's bad. Everything needs to be convenient. We want to bring the clinic closer to where people live. Not only do you need to be a good doctor; not only do you have to provide good services; but you also need to make it convenient for people. Even if you're the best, if it takes people three hours to get to you, they'll think twice.”

Dr. Jennie and Dr. Oliver were right: Today, most mall have at least one skincare clinic. Dr. Jennie’s foresight and sensitivity to what clients need also extends to the treatments she wants to provide her clients.

Ultherapy—a non-invasive lifting procedure—would be a huge asset to Skin 101.

Meeting 21st Century Demands

Ultherapy's popularity could be attributed to how well the procedure fits into fast paced metropolitan lifestyles. It uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten loose skin under the chin, on the neck, and above the brow. Ultherapy is also the only treatment with Micro Focused Ultrasound with Visualization, meaning it allows doctors to see precisely where they are treating. This results in a gradual contouring of the face—without the need for any needles or scalpels.

The convenience and non-invasive aspect of Ultherapy make it appealing to some of the country’s more discerning individuals, with many of them becoming Skin 101’s clients.

Kat Cruz-Villanueva, for instance, heard about Skin 101 and Ultherapy from friends, and the procedure piqued her interest. “I was bad at skincare. I started using moisturizer consistently just last year. Now I cleanse and moisturize daily, and put on sunscreen,” reveals the 37-year-old stylist. “But at one point, I realized I needed extra help. It's part of my job to age gracefully, but it's also self-care for me. When you feel beautiful, confidence follows.”

When she arrived at the clinic for her first Ultherapy session, Kat quickly felt secure when Dr. Jennie attended to her personally. “I liked that the owner came and explained everything to me. It added a personal touch to the experience.”

For PR professional and businesswoman Celine Gabriel-Lim, Dr. Jennie’s presence meant even more. The two met when they were trying in vitro fertilization, and have remained good friends since. “Dr. Jennie and I hit it off instantly,” Celine recalls. “We bonded over IVF, and now we're both blessed with children. Having that rapport with your doctor is important.”

When Celine decided to try Ultherapy, going to Skin 101 was an easy choice. “It has several locations, a few of which are near where I live,” she says. “When I go to a skin clinic, I don't want to travel too far, and I don't want to bump into a million people. When I have something done, I want to be able to go home right away.”

Celine first tried Ultherapy two years ago, a few months after she’d given birth to her daughter. “I'm already 41, and my skin now versus my skin in my 20s is so different. It's like you turn 40 and all of a sudden, these skin issues start showing up!” Celine observes.

Although Celine takes good care of her skin, she admits needing a little more help considering her age. For her, skincare isn’t done only out of vanity—it’s done out of respect for her well-being.

“It's been ingrained in me to always put my best foot forward, to always look my best. My parents taught me a long time ago that it is a sign of respect not only for the people you interact with, but also for yourself,” Celine shares. “When you look good, you also feel good. When you feel good, you carry yourself with confidence. And I think that if you look and feel good, you become happier with yourself.”

For his part, 39-year-old photographer Niccolo Cosme underwent Ultherapy after doing extensive research on the procedure.

“I think we all have our own beauty ideals, and for myself, I want a more chiseled look,” he shares. “I did my research prior to trying the procedure, and I saw good results in before-and-after pictures.”

Niccolo adds, “There’s a lot of energy exchanged between the photographer and the subject, so we need to be confident.”

To learn more about Ultherapy and other procedures offered by Skin 101, visit the Skin 101 website and follow them on Facebook page, and follow Ultherapy on Facebook and Instagram.


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