What Makes This Best-Selling Beauty Oil Worth Its 12,000-Peso Price Tag

These ingredients are what makes this cult beauty product worth its price.

With new beauty products being launched nearly every week, it’s not often that women will find one to keep by their bedside and make an effort to purchase when they've run out. An example of a trusted staple, the La Mer Renewal Oil.

As timeless as a little black dress is to a wardrobe, La Mer’s Renewal Oil developed a cult following shortly after its introduction. Its overall purpose to infuse skin with youth through its anti-wrinkle and smoothening properties is made even more covetable by the fact that it can be used to nourish practically any part of the body—a few drops on the face, hair, cuticle, and any dry part of the skin will instantly revive the area. A bottle of this beauty oil promises firmer skin and the disappearance of fine lines by offering what is the solution to most skin problems: hydration. Specifically, the Renewal Oil penetrates the skin’s natural barrier and strengthens it through hydration.


To investigate these claims, we break down the science behind each key component and the properties that make the Renewal Oil a must-have:

Its youthful factor lies in collagen production.

Through its gamut of essential oils containing antioxidants, the Renewal Oil boosts collagen production. The formation and abundance of collagen have been linked to healing wounds and restoring the skin, which is why collagen synthesis is crucial in restoring the skin’s health. Dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Anne Chapas tells The Huffington Post that it’s during the mid-30s that collagen production begins to slow down, which is why women have sought new ways to replace what’s lost.

Its star ingredients eucalyptus and sesame oil benefit your body.

The Renewal Oil has at least 11 oils extracted from natural sources and two of those come from the eucalyptus leaf and sesame seeds. Eucalyptus has long been praised for its skincare benefits but its inclusion in this multi-use oil puts its healing powers to use. A study on essential oils used in aromatherapy reports that aside from being rich in antioxidants, eucalyptus oil contains anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and antibacterial capabilities that it can lend to the beauty oil. Meanwhile, sesame seed oil has separate benefits for the skin and hair. It, too, has antioxidants but it also contains vitamins B and E, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous, which are nutrients needed for a healthy hair and scalp.

Generally, oils complement creams and moisturizers.

In layering products, always put on the oil after the cream. It’s a known fact that oils can penetrate moisturizers but not the other way around. Applying this combination last—after cleansing, toning, and applying a drop of serum—allows the hydration to be sealed in. Since oils generally don’t mix with water, it’s crucial that you allow each product time to seep into the skin before adding another layer.

The brand’s Miracle Broth is at its heart.

At the heart of every La Mer product is its signature Miracle Broth infused with a concentrated dose of the brand’s wonder formula. The trademark concoction is essentially a blend of sea kelp, calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, vitamins C, E, and B12 plus a mixture of natural oils. While these seem like ordinary natural ingredients, the secret lies in how these ingredients combine through a process called biofermentation, which takes three to four months to complete. Once finished, the formula becomes extra potent, more concentrated and is easily absorbed.

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