This Laser Zaps Out Facial Veins, Redness, and Scars Instantly

The best part? It's painless.
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Lucky are those who are born with perfect skin, but for the rest of us who have to deal with facial discoloration, redness, and veins, well, there’s always technology to reverse our fates.

We recently discovered Excel V, a laser machine dubbed the Rolls-Royce of vein laser therapy, which addresses general facial redness, rosacea, and superficial veins. It also works on scars, large pores, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It is a high-performance all-in-one product, but perhaps what pushes it over the top is how quickly it works. This machine made by Cutera impressed doctors by producing visible results after just one treatment, while other machines take at least five sessions to show results.

The machine features two laser wavelengths—a short one for discoloration and veins on the surface of the skin and another for treating deeper veins around the face and on other parts of the body. According to Dr. Aivee Teo, the shorter wavelength laser “is considered the gold standard treatment for diffuse facial redness, red facial veins, port wine stains, and other superficial vascular conditions.” On the other hand, while the long wavelength 1064-nanometer laser emits more power and effectively eliminates deeper blue, green, and purple veins in the body, “it may be too strong for superficial red veins, especially in the face,” adds Teo. Its high power, though, is effective for rejuvenating the skin.

"This machine impressed doctors by producing visible results after just one treatment, while other machines take at least five sessions to show results."

The treatment takes around 20 minutes, during which the machine’s head is made to pass all over the face and neck, section per section. The laser feels warm, but it doesn’t sting unlike other lasers we’ve tried—in fact, we fell asleep halfway into the procedure. “It works by carefully redirecting light energy to the vein, causing the blood within it to coagulate. This leads to the destruction of the blood vessels, which are then reabsorbed by the body,” explains Teo.


Results vary depending on the patient’s concerns, but for say, broken capillaries, most see up to 80 percent in reduction after one treatment. For dark spots, rosacea, and facial redness, there’s about 50 percent visible reduction after a session. Two to four treatments (usually done once a month) should be enough to deliver maximum results. Excel V doesn’t cure rosacea, but controls and alleviates its manifestations such as bumps and redness. “Unfortunately, it is a chronic skin disease with no cure at the moment. But we’ve had patients who have left the clinic with no visible trace of it after Excel V sessions.”

Each treatment costs P10,000 and is available exclusively at the Aivee Institute, 2nd Floor, East Building, Forbestown Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City; 403.3245.

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