How to Stay Youthful and Beautiful At Every Stage of Your Life

The Spoiled Mummy Grace Baja offers her best beauty advice.

You wouldn’t have guessed it from her trademark cat-eye or her feathery eyelashes, but Grace Barbers Baja says she perfected her signature makeup look only about a year and a half ago.

“It was a progression of sorts for me,” she tells Town&Country.

Below, the self-made entrepreneur behind The Spoiled Mummy brand reveals her personal beauty journey, packed with her own best practices.


The youngest and the only daughter in her family, Grace mimicked a number of her mother’s beauty habits while she was growing up.  “My mom was my best friend and everything she did, I tried to copy,” she shares. “She was very conscientious and careful with her skin. I would see her go to the dermatologist and subscribe to a regular skincare routine with a number of creams and moisturizers. I think I picked that up from her.”

She continues to praise her 72-year-old mother—“You can still mistake her for a 50-year-old because she has no wrinkles!”—whom she thanks for the gift of genetically fine skin.



The Spoiled Mummy’s top beauty advice is never to go to bed with makeup on, no matter how tired you are. This is something Grace's mother taught her, too. She recalls how as a teenager, she would come home after a night out and find her mother waiting for her, ready to remind her to remove her makeup and cleanse religiously after, lest she worry about acne or bad skin.

Grace Baja at her home office

As a mother of three, Grace makes sure her children know how to take care of their skin too. After makeup removal, Grace swears by her SPF 70 sunblock, which she dutifully applies daily. “Today, I pass this on to my kids and make sure that they are protected with sunblock from top to bottom,” she shares. If there’s one thing she fears, it’s severe sun damage.

“Not only does it cause internal damage such as skin cancer, but it affects us externally, too. Wrinkles, sun spots, and more are connected to sun damage. I’ve also never been one to sunbathe.”


“Too much of anything becomes a beauty faux pas,” she says. “Too much lipstick is forgivable, but never too much blush, contour, or eyeshadow.” Adversely, two makeup skills Grace relies on to look younger are mastering the brows and the application of eyeliner, which she states she can never leave home without.


“I try to go to the gym three to five times a week on average, depending on how busy I am. Earlier this year, I wasn’t too busy and could do five visits a week, but now that I’m busier, it’s three times.”


“I would say sunblock definitely is your best bet at this age. You don’t need a lot in your 20s, just sunblock, a bit of powder, lip gloss, and you’re good.”


For women in their 30s, Grace recommends using eye cream. “It’s the thinnest part of the skin on your face, making it the first place to show signs of skin aging,” she explains. “It’s leagues apart from facial moisturizers since it’s meant for the skin around the eye. I particularly alternate between La Mer and La Prairie. This brings me to the story of my mother since she too has always been a La Prairie and La Mer user."

"Because she was a loyal customer, she would receive various sample packets and give them to me. I picked that up. Until now, there’s never a day I miss putting on my eye cream in the morning and at night.”

The mid- to late 30s is when Grace advises women to invest in anti-aging products. “They should start considering them maybe as early as 35. It won’t do them any harm since it’s all preventive anyway.”


For women of this age, Grace believes it’s all about making the skin firmer. “There are many anti-aging and firming products out there but personally, I like to revolve around my three favorite brands—La Prairie, La Mer, and Sisley.”

Grace, an Aivee Clinic ambassador, shes she finds Ultherapy effective in terms of firming and tightening the skin. “I’m doing it again tomorrow since it’s supposed to be done once a year,” she says.

Why does she believe in it so much? “If you study the science behind it, it’s an ultrasound treatment that goes deep beneath the layers so it’s not superficial. It’s not just on the first layer of the skin, which most treatments, like facials, tackle. I do those, too, but just for maintenance or cleaning. If you want to strengthen the fiber beneath the skin or improve your collagen, Ulthera is the way to go.”


Grace says she never thought of herself as a beauty blogger, but she noticed that mothers are underrepresented subjects in beauty blogs, so she wanted to bridge that gap.

“I thought, maybe there’s a need to do it,” Grace said of her debut makeup tutorial video. “I receive so many questions from moms. Of course, their skin and the way they apply makeup are distinct so I said to myself, let me try [beauty tutorial videos] out. I started with an everyday makeup look and I think it worked. It’s been getting a lot of hits until now,” she says, surprised at the success of the recently released video, which she plans on following up with a beauty series.

“I’m here to tell moms that we shouldn’t forget ourselves and it’s okay to want to look good. This all boils down to self-love. If you learn to care for yourself, you will be able to care for your family and loved ones even better. I’m all for that.”

“Also, if you look good, and feel good, then your self-confidence shows and it reflects on your work and whatever you’re doing.”

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