5 Fabulous Spa Treatments to Experience This Summer

From hilot to hammam, these spa offerings have been perfected through years of tradition.

We've reached the peak of summer, and many of us are taking time off to find solace in the city, embarking on the casual staycation and making a beeline to the nearby spa in search of relaxation.

The concept of spa treatments can be traced back to thousands of years ago, with some practices that have been passed on to today. And on that precious spa day, allot time to try something apart from the usual back-kneading massage:

Ayurveda Treatment

(P3,800 - P7,600)


With over 5,000 years of Indian history to back it, Ayurveda medicine is thought to be one of the oldest medical systems in the world. It’s based on an ancient philosophy that uses herbs and oils to help people revitalize and refresh while finding a balance between body and spirit.  

Best for: CHI Spa’s Abhyanga helps regulate the circulation of the nervous system and relaxes the muscles, while the combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara calms the nerves, soothes stress-related conditions, and normalizes sleeping patterns.

Relax… In a treatment that lasts two hours, the Ayurveda massage is done with a consistent pouring of oil over the forehead. The Abhyanga syncs the body massage with the pendulum-like strokes of warm oil on the head. The longer combination treatment relaxes the nerves through a constant flow of oil.

Hammam Treatment

(P3,800 - P7,600)


Traditionally known as the Turkish steam bath, the modern Hammam treatment strips you down and immerses you into the Old World, where you’ll be steamed, soaped, and scrubbed down from head to toe. You’ll go from steam room to bathing slab, then from cold wall to bathtub (and the optional massage bed) in a span of one to two hours.

Best for: While some claim it can soothe anxiety, hammam treatments are generally body scrubs done to cleanse, exfoliate, and smoothen the skin and soften the muscles.

Relax… Hammam treatments have evolved from the Turkish public baths they used to mean and the modern spa treatments have made it a full-body cleanse. Upgrade a traditional hammam at CHI to include an organic body mask, hair wash, and an aromatherapy massage.

Philippine Hilot

(P3,200 - P6,400)

This popular massage uses local herbs, with the belief that it has the ability to decongest the body and heal physical ailments like fever, colds, and body pains. In history pages, it was documented that a trained elder would administer the "hilot" and the practice was passed down through the generations.


Best for: Detecting blockages in the body, resulting in an overall feeling of wellness

Relax… Warmed coconut oil and banana leaves are placed over the body during this massage.

Hot Stone Massage

(P5,800 - P7,700)

In the past, heated stones on the body were believed to improve internal organ functions. It was revived by Mary Nelson in the '90s, with a renewed purpose of restoring one’s vitality and now can be found in almost any spa's offerings.  

Best for: Easing the muscles after a long day

Relax… The benefits of thermotherapy work in tandem with the gliding movements of a therapist’s hands and result in healing and relaxing.

Body Wrap


In traditional body wraps, people undergo an exfoliating treatment, before they are extensively and snugly wrapped around the torso, limbs, and neck with elastic cloths soaked in a mixture of herbs and oils.

Best for: Wraps typically exfoliate and strengthen the skin, but lately, they have been credited for body shaping and slimming powers.


Relax… Cap off the body wrap with a massage to complete an afternoon of pampering.

All treatments are available at CHI, The Spa, EDSA Shangri-La, 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, 633.8888

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