People Are Obsessing Over This Book-Inspired Fragrance

It evokes an aroma of old pages from a library the best way possible.

Luxury beauty brand Byredo just announced that its best-selling scent Bibliothèque is here to stay. The fragrance first made an appearance in the form of a candle, but the perfumer released a limited-edition perfume just over a year ago after receiving a flood of requests from loyal customers.

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The fragrance evokes an aroma of old pages from a library book—in the best way possible. Whether you’re a book lover or not, this trademark smell is something that many people are fans of.

Hints of peaches, plums, violets, and peonies are some of the ingredients used in the popular blend. Other notes include patchouli, which belongs to the mint family, and vanilla, which adds a feminine touch.

Byredo describes the experience as, “A single spritz along the nape of your neck is all you need to capture the vibrant atmosphere of a world in suspension—one rich with the scent of ancient pages, of old, leather-bound books on dark wooden shelves.”

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Unsure about committing to a full bottle? Try the limited-edition hand cream or hair perfume instead. Byredo released a small run of the new skincare additions in response to requests from die-hard fans—and we have a feeling they won't be around for long. 

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