7 Perfumes Worn by Royals Fit for Non-Kings Too

From Creed to Penhaligon's, these classics are the favorite of kings and princes.

Royals have been known to stick to their favorites. In fact, they've even awarded those who have supplied goods and services to them with a royal warrant of appointment. Through time, these have included nothing but the finest manufacturers of clothes, cars, jewelry, and more. Perfumes, of course, are no different.

As public figures, royals have been known to have their own signature scents. The likes of Marie Antoinette's and Grace Kelly's preferences have been recorded in history, but what about the kings and princes of the world? Below, take a look at the scents that these noblemen like to spritz.

Prince William

Like Duchess Kate, Prince William prefers a springtime scent for most occasions. In his case, it's Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, which has head notes of lemon, lime, and lavender mixed with base notes of pine, musk, black pepper.

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Prince Charles

Through the years, Prince Charles has been known to wear a number of perfumes namely Annick Goutal Eau d' Hadrien, Davidoff Cool Water, Guerlain Vetiver. His most notable favorite, however, has been cited to be Creed Green Irish Tweed.

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Louis XVI

French royals were known to be perfume addicts. From rooms down to the furniture, the members of the royal family ordered everything in Versailles to be spritzed. According to historians, Louis XVI favored an orange blossom scent called Eau du Roi.

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Prince Edward VIII

The Duke of Windsor's preference for perfume isn't exactly known. But the nearest thing is Creed's Windsor. In 1936, Creed created a fragrance just for Prince Edward VIII. At the time, only 320 bottles and 70 flacons were offered but today the fragrance is readily available. 

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Prince Philip

Like his son Prince Charles and grandson Prince William, Prince Philip also favors the scents of Penhaligon's. The two he's most associated with are Blenheim Bouquet and Hammam Bouquet, a woody floral fragrance that has top notes of lavender and bergamot.

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Prince Harry

Though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to scent their wedding with Diptyque's fragrances, the scent he prefers for daily use has been said to be the very simple and masculine Davidoff Cool Water.

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Prince Rainier

Jean-Paul Guerlain created his first oriental fragrance for men in 1965. A citrus and woody mix, Habit Rouge quickly became a favorite of celebrities and royals including Prince Rainier.

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7 Royal-Worn Perfumes That Are Fit for Non-Kings Too

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