12 Favorite Makeup Artists of Manila’s Most Discerning

These pros are definitely the best of the best.

Choosing a makeup artist is never easy because every person has her own unique style and preferred beauty aesthetic.

To help you find the best one for—and maybe even for the specific event you’re attending—check out our list below.

The Makeup Artist: Albert Kurniawan

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Book him if… You want dramatic eyes. Albert is known for creating alluring, doe-eyed looks on perfectly highlighted skin—ideal for weddings and events when you want to look all glammed up.

The Makeup Artist: Robbie Piñera

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Book him if… You’re going for a model-off-duty vibe. We love how Robbie can create looks that make you look party and photo-ready. He's also a favorite among local television personalities.

The Makeup Artist: Jigs Mayuga

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Book him if you want… A more sculpted look with a little more coverage. This is one of the secrets to looking great during photoshoots and events when you know you’re going to be photographed with unflattering lighting.


The Makeup Artist: Lala Flores

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Book her if you want… A flawless, second-skin finish. She’s the hand behind many beauty commercials, so if you’re a skincare addict, you’ll love how she takes extra time to prep your skin before applying makeup.

The Makeup Artist: Steven Doloso

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Book him if… You are brow-obsessed. If the thought of letting someone else groom your eyebrows freaks you out, you can trust that Steven will be able to create Golden Ratio-esque arches that will frame your face perfectly and flatter your features.  

The Makeup Artist: Gela Laurel

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Book her if… You want soft, romantic looks. Gela’s an expert at playing up your femininity. You will love how she softly sculpts your face and highlights your bone structure without making you look over-contoured.

The Makeup Artist: John Pagaduan

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Book him if… You want your natural beauty to shine through. John’s got an eye for highlighting your best features and making sure that your beauty—not your makeup—stands out. If you’re a beauty newbie or you feel intimidated about getting your makeup professionally done, you’ll love how easy he is to work with and how comfortable he’ll make you feel.

The Makeup Artist: Anthea Bueno

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Book her if… You’re having your portrait taken. Anthea is well-known for glowing looks and creating precise lines, flawless sculpting, and perfectly blended shadows—everything you need for those tight beauty shots.

The Makeup Artist: Juan Sarte

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Book him if… You want a seasoned pro. He’s trusted by Manila’s elite for a reason. If you can’t afford any mistakes on your big day, then you’ll definitely want to invest in having Juan by your side.

The Makeup Artist: Mariah Santos

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Book her if… You want a full makeup transformation. Brides flock to her for her ability to create celebrity-worthy makeovers and women have been known to fly in from other countries just to attend her workshops. 

The Makeup Artist: Patrick Alcober

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Book him if… Your guy needs a little help with grooming. There’s nothing wrong with a man who wants to use a bit of makeup to hide dark circles, acne, or even to cover up a little oil—especially if there are pictures involved. 

The Makeup Artist: Jason Delos Reyes

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Book him if…you want to highlight your morena skin. Not everyone can make darker skin tones glow, but Jason has this skill down pat. He’s the master when it comes to using peach hues to give the skin a much warmer, sunkissed glow. 

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